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Christian The Lion to screen on Sunday

Published: 5:40PM Monday June 15, 2009 Source: ONE News

The top rating BBC documentary, Christian the Lion is to screen on TVNZ's Sunday programme.

The documentary follows Anthony Bourke and John Rendall returning to Kenya to meet up with Christian their pet Lion after he was released back into the Kenyan wild.  Rendall and Bourke bought Christian from Harrods in the 1970's .

The moment they met him over a year after his release, was posted on YouTube last year and became the most viewed clip in 2008 with over 44 million hits.

The original book (first published in the 1970s) and a new children's book have been recently released, both becoming best sellers.

Now the story is about to hit New Zealand TV screens for the first time this coming Sunday

Christian the Lion
TV ONE Sunday June 21, 7:30pm

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