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Cameron Bennett

Published: 1:37PM Wednesday January 21, 2004

  • Cameron Bennett (Source: ONE News)
    Cameron Bennett - Source: ONE News
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Cameron Bennett is both the host and a senior reporter on Sunday.

As one of New Zealand's most experienced journalists, his wide-ranging career includes 20 years reporting for TVNZ, both as a News and Current Current Affairs reporter.

He was TVNZ's Europe Correspondent, based in London, between 1991 and 1995 and his extensive international reporting experience has included coverage of the Bosnian civil war and the post-genocide exodus from Rwanda.

Reporting assignments have taken him from Somalia to Palestine, Iraq to Afghanistan. Cameron has also covered conflict in East Timor, Fiji, ethnic rebels in Myanmar and the rebellion against Boris Yeltsin in Moscow. He has reported the historic post-apartheid elections in South Africa, extensively in Western Europe, South East Asia and the Pacific.

More recently, there has been an undercover assignment in Zimbabwe, coverage from the rebel zone in Ivory Coast and the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami in Sri Lanka.

His career highlights as a reporter for ONE News, Holmes, 60 Minutes and Sunday have included the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington DC and a challenging insight into the prison centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

He also anchored TVNZ's Foreign Correspondent programme and co-authored the best-seller 'Foreign Correspondents' about his reporting experiences out of London in the 1990s.

Cameron has picked up Qantas and New York Festival awards since joining TVNZ in 1986.

He began his journalistic career as a general reporter on the Northern Advocate (Whangarei) and later as a general/industrial round reporter on the Evening Post (Wellington).

In his three stints living abroad, Cameron supported his early ambitious travel plans by turning his hand to a number of jobs including a position as garden gnome salesman at Harrods, picking grapes in France and as a construction worker in the USA.

He began his career in television as a script-writer with the London-based news agency Worldwide Television News (WTN).

When he's not on the road, Cameron is a keen musician, playing acoustic guitar, dobro and fiddle.

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