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Sunday: August 26

Published: 7:28PM Friday August 24, 2012 Source: Sunday


We probably all asked ourselves the same question? What would we have done in the circumstances? Hopefully most of us would have done the honourable thing, the honest thing, Leo Gao didn't.

He scarpered with the $10 million the Westpac bank inadvertently dumped in his account and thereby earning himself the possibility of a jail sentence and infamy as the "runaway millionaire". Why did he do it? And where are the buckets of cash that still haven't been recovered. Leo Gao wouldn't talk to the police but he talks exclusively to SUNDAY.


PRODUCER - Julie Clothier

CAMERA - Dave Pierce

EDITOR - Will Kong


In Australia, it's a booming racket - raw, unpasteurised milk. People are prepared to pay up to five times the normal price for what New Zealander can by at the farm gate.

But while the trade in raw milk is legal here, is it safe? Some micro-organisms in raw milk could kill.



Melania is a 16-year-old who plays mother to seven brothers and sisters in state house in Otara. She is also gifted and will be the first person in her family to go to University. Melania is also driven after spending large chunks of her childhood in hospital she has gone on an adventure of a lifetime into shark infested waters.

SUNDAY goes with her.

CORRESPONDENT - Peter Cronshaw

PRODUCER - Chas Toogood

CAMERA- Dave Pierce

EDITOR - Belinda Trott