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Sunday August 14: Lost diary part 1; Billy T; Surfing Big Roar

Published: 10:51PM Wednesday August 10, 2011 Source: Sunday

Secrets of a lost diary
It's tiny , leatherbound and battered, and it's written in Italian. It was lost on a battleground in the north african desert seventy years ago, and ended up in a chocolate box on a farm in Taranaki . Who owned the diary was a mystery, until now.

Unlocking its secrets will turn up much more than anyone could ever have imagined.

Correspondent - Janet McIntyre
Producer - Julia Sartorio
Camera - Ken Dorman
Editor - Heloise Le Gros

Billy T

We laughed with him and we laughed at him. Te Wehi Taitoko was the man we all knew as Billy T. But did we really know him? Did we really know what made him tick? In his theatrical documentary Te Movie director Ian Mune goes in search of the real Billy T.

Correspondent - John Hudson
Producer - Max Adams
Editor - Will Kong

The Big Roar

It's called 'Pororoca' or 'The Big Roar'.  It's the world's longest wave and it occurs just once a year. It sweeps in from the Atlantic Ocean a surging wall of water and roars up the Amazon River at 80 kilometres per hour. On Sunday we go surfing 'Pororoca' as big wave legend Ross Clarke-Jones braves the massive waves, piranha and alligators for the ultimate ride.

CH7 - Sunday Night

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