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Hi Talia, Great to hear from you. Have done a few gigs post the show and some more in the pipeline. How about you? Leave me a message via and we can chat directly.


Mon July 13, 2009 12:28PM


Corin, hey its Talia here aka Britney spears! just wanted to say hi and how r ya doin??wot have ya been up to after the show??

Mon July 13, 2009 9:13AM


MaureenB how could you think that Jennifer Lopez was any good? she was appaling, Aretha Franklin was amazing & had a fantastic voice, would you like me to post you some hearing aids?

Thu July 02, 2009 8:36AM


MaureenB you seriously need a wake up call if you think this season was so bad. During the next season you should put your money where your mouth is, and show us where the expertise you have to comment on the people that are performing comes from cause if you can't sing don't comment!!!! But thats just a thought

Thu July 02, 2009 4:10AM


Hi, Corin here (aka Phil Collins). I originally logged on to leave a comment about how awesome Jessie was and have come across this thread. Reality TV is a funny beast and the level of interest and commentary that some people feel the need to share is interesting. I always knew that by doing the show I was putting myself out there for comment, but I do think there is a line. As all those who have done the show know, the mere fact that we got to be on the show and the what we learnt and experienced makes it all worth while. So well done Jessie (you have my vote) and well done to all the Stars crew (in front of and behind the scenes).

Sun June 28, 2009 1:00PM


Hi Lisa aka Norah Jones here, nice to see Maureen apologising for some comments that weren't needed... Jesse well done was awesome to see you win your episode and I look forward to Tues.

I've also encountered some comments about me winning my episode by getting the "sympathy vote", but I can only hope people voted for the music and nothing else, I tentatively agreed to talk about my partners death from cancer (at age26) on camera on the condition it wouldn't turn into a sob story,as that is the last thing he or I would have had wanted, I wanted to acknowledge him as its been the most major event of my life & the reason I'm now back in NZ.
TV/Media turn things around so easily, eg Womans Day asked me to talk about my original music and a little about my boyfriends Cancer, however I had no idea they would title the article "Lisa's private heartache!" -I wasn't impressed,but grateful for the fact that it made people more aware of his rare form of Cancer.
I Look forward to Tuesday!:)

Sat June 27, 2009 5:14PM


MaureenB i was Garth Brooks and i posted my own thread thanking people who supported me, however now i want to comment on you and your comments. I beleive in critsism as long as it is constructive not destructive. I find what you have to say really offensive not only to me but also to just about everyone else who has given it a go. What you said about Jess was rediculous her preformance was just amazing i sat out the back in ore of her talent. She never asked for a sympathy vote and although i was competing against her she always had my vote to win which i told her after i had sung. Maureen unless you are willing to put yourself out there and give it a go i really suggest you keep your negative and often laughable comments to yourself. Good Luck Jess you still have my vote.....

Thu June 25, 2009 10:06PM


Maureen B, you need to apologize to New Zealand for your message about people with Disabilities...My daughter is in the service, and the thought of someone still referring to her as a "Handicapp" really saddens me as I would of liked to think that our world was moving forward and not backwards...I really take my hat off to people such as Aretha who dedicate there time and talent to working along side people who have a disability like my daughter.and I didnt feel she was going for a sympathy vote at all?? and from one mature woman to another, I really hope you start to look at the actual performance of these kiwi people rather than leaving your judgement of there performances soley down to the fact of what they do for a living, and to support them on their actual talent...

A person with disabilities has their own rights to...

Thu June 25, 2009 4:40PM


I hadnt I was therefore just doing my job??? The programme is about showing real kiwis who go from their day jobs, and then getting transformed into their favourite preformer for 1 night only??? So their was no sympathy vote their...its what I do every day for 8 hours a day??? And by the way who calls them "Handicaps" anymore, I thought we lost that term when instiutions were abolished?? You say you are and older mature woman?? That kind of talk is not nice....

I not worried if you didnt like my performance Maureen but I really take offence to the way in which you abused my personal life!!! Judge and critisize my performance is a constructive manner sure go ahead...but be respectful of peoples lives please...

Good luck to all the finalists...guna be great seeing you all next Tuesday...go hard!!!

And by the way Maureen....YES THE FAT LADY WILL SING!!! *WOOP WOOP*

Thu June 25, 2009 4:10PM


Thank you MaureenB for your narrow minded opinions which obviously have no entertainment experience behind them. There are several points that I would LOVE to pull you up on, but I suspect that you enjoying baiting people with your scathing comments which have absolutely no substance behind them. First of all, look at the poll - YOUR opinion of who should have won this week is currently polling LAST! No offence to you JLO, just proving a point to your biggest fan. Number 2: How DARE you criticize people for using the sympathy vote, or handicaps, or FAT ladies for that matter? The death was REAL, the handicaps so you like to call them (people with disabilities) are REAL, and being a larger woman has never stopped Aretha or Jessie Matthews from achieving their goals. Pull your head in MaureenB before someone slaps it for you, because you are not qualified to give your stupid opinions on this message board.

Thu June 25, 2009 3:49PM


Hey there its Jessie Matthews here AKA Aretha Franklin...

Firstly I would just like to say a huge thank you for ALL the support I have been getting from the show and it is Greatly appreciated!!! Ive had an absolute Blast!!

Secondly I Have been sitting back quietly watching these message boards for the past nine weeks, and up till today I have not wanted to write...UNTIL I READ A COUPLE OF COMMENTS FROM MAUREEN B!!!!

Thanks to the people who support what Im about to say...I dont mind people having their opinion, go hard its a free world, and dont get me wrong I can handle being critiqued...BUT PLEASE IN A CONSTRUCTIVE MANNER...saying that I was looking for a sympathy vote is way off lady..I am a performer, and my best friend had been killed tragically that same day, and if I cant dedicate my performance to him what is this ugly world coming to?? Secondly, Working with people with disabilities is my job I have done it now for the past 5 Years and I absoluetly love it...

Thu June 25, 2009 3:49PM


There were some good performances, the best performance won the night Athrea Franklin don't think it will be enough to take out the final though. And yes it dam hard to get up and sing and perform in front of a live audience and even more so on national tv !!!!


Thu June 25, 2009 3:23PM


i agree with taniwha, it takes a lot of courage to get up there, and yes you are allowed your opinions, no one is able to please everybody, so well done to everyone.

"it takes another death to get a sympathy vote", what a lovely comment maureen, for someone who is apparently old you are sounding immature to say such a thing. i know the contestant who you are probably referring to , and i know for a fact the contestants don't ask simon to bring up personal stuff, and the producers don't even show the contestants what's going to be aired, and anyone who is onto it will vote for the singers performance and not what's been going on in their personal lives, as horrible as their situation may have been.

i think there have been some bloody fantastic performances, and i look forward to the final!

Thu June 25, 2009 12:16PM


You are more than entitled to your opinion, but it takes a lot of guts to get up and put yourself out there on stage so perhaps your opinions could be more constructive instead of so pointed.

Like I said, until you actually get up there your opinion doesn't really count and I know that the people who did have the balls to get up there put a lot of work into their performance and while some of them may not have done a performance that was to your taste - at least they gave it a go.

Can't wait to see you in the next series where we can have an opinion of you!

Thu June 25, 2009 7:57AM


Firstly I am not a young person and have no intention of getting onto this sort of stage.
This TV show is purely entertainment where people that have put themselves on this stage and can expect to be critised. Not everyone has to like what they are watching and everyone can have their own opinion.
I have expressed my opinion and do not demand any response from anyone.

Wed June 24, 2009 9:14PM


Firstly you must be tone deaf and secondly, can't wait to see that you have the balls to get up on stage!!!

Wed June 24, 2009 1:15PM


SHOW NINE - Well another person had to die to get the sympathy vote, was a good one with the handicaps as well. Don't think Aretha was good enough to win this. Bon Jovi and Garth Brooks were like any karaoke singer on the planet. Judy Durham had absolutely nothing. My pick for looks and performance was Jennifer Lopez.

Wed June 24, 2009 10:35AM


SHOW EIGHT: Well just another ordinary, unspectacular show as expected. Bobby Darin didn't quite look the part, nor Cat Stevens, Tina Turner a little chunky and Billy Gibbons, anyone could have been covered up in a wig, beard etc. Vanessa Carlton was terrible. After the show I couldn't even remember who had been portrayed. No winner here.

Sun June 21, 2009 6:09PM


SHOW SEVEN - Respectively, a slim, young mum could be the performance of the final singer. It was superb rendition of Sarah Mclachlan's 'Angel' and great piano performance also had the look. Buddy Holly looked and performed well. Avril had a look, but thats all. Whitney and Steve had nothing.

Thu June 11, 2009 10:32AM

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