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SPY 02390

Surname/family name: Jackson

First name(s): Nicola

Sex: Female   

Age: 24

Status: Single

Location: Edinburgh

Occupation: Insurance underwriter

Next of kin: n/a

Character Background

  • Although she lives alone, she is very much a "family person". Nicola and her mother are very alike, but she is the complete opposite to her father (but trusts him with her life) and sister.
  • Has always wanted to be a spy - she has applied to MI5 in the past, but never followed it up. She is also a big conspiracy theorist.
  • Nicola is "very single" at the moment and hasn't had a relationship for over 2 years, but is definitely on the look out.
  • Nicola has been brought up as a Catholic, but she doesn't go to church. She is a vegetarian but says it is not due to "religious or spiritual reasons".
  • Outside of work, Nicola is quite active - she attends dance classes every week.
  • She says she is "happy and enthusiastic" and "quite ambitious". 
  • She feels that she often takes on too much and lets others take advantage of her good nature. 
  • Lovely, flirty, girly - Nicola loves her 'sex and the city' shoes but she is also astute, reflective and bright.
  • Knows how to blend in, sit quietly and be a good, inconspicuous spy.