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Rupert Penry-Jones (Adam Carter)

An enigmatic natural performer, Adam Carter is in his perfect job.

Ruthless and pragmatic, he has the power to push himself and his colleagues to the edge to get the job done - then pick up the pieces.

This combination of strength and compassion, alongside his absolute belief in the Intelligence Service, make Adam a formidable leader.

His wife, fellow Spook Fiona, is his greatest stimulus. They are enormously competitive but since her involvement in a hostage-taking crisis, their relationship is stronger than ever.

"Adam was tough before," says Rupert, "but if anything, now he's even more hardened since Dannys death.

"He's seen it all before, but he's determined never again to lose anyone else in the team, and this is a big motivating force for him.

"Adams a big brother figure to Zaf. Zaf s constantly champing at the bit, but Adams not going to let him in that much; he likes to be in control, and take charge of everything himself.

"As for Juliet, Adam is very wary of her. He understands that they both have their place on the grid, and he tolerates her, but is he ever going to warm to her? I dont think so."

Apart from the last series of Spooks, Ruperts recent television credits also include the BBCs Casanova.