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Snow Babies on TV ONE and TVNZ Ondemand

Snow Babies on TV ONE

Sunday at 4.55pm on TV ONE:

An insightful, beautiful and heartwarming film taking viewers on a magical worldwide journey to reveal how young animals learn to survive their very first winter.

Stunning wildlife footage from the renowned BBC Natural History Unit provides an intimate and often playful look at the lives of these enchanting baby creatures and their families, dramatising each characters story as they learn to adapt to plummeting temperatures, changing habitats and scarce food supplies.

Follow the ups and downs of impossibly cute yet plucky baby emperor penguins, snow monkeys, reindeer and otters and find out just what it takes for them to survive the first year of life in a world of snow and ice, with a little help from family and friends.

From baby polar bears coming out of the den into an icy wilderness, to eight-month old arctic wolves learning to hunt in the snow and baby Japanese Macaque monkeys warming up in hot springs, will these springborn youngsters acquire the skills and strength they
need to make it through their very first winter?