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Working with Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran with KJ Apa on Shortland Street

KJ and Lucy tell us what it was like working alongside international superstar, Ed Sheeran, when he made a very special guest appearance on Shorty Street!


KJ Apa (Kane)

Were you nervous or excited working with Ed Sheeran?

I was not so much nervous but really excited to work with Ed. Im a big fan; I look up to him a lot. I like to play guitar as well, so I look up to him as a guitarist.

What did you guys get up to in between takes?

He was telling jokes and cracking everybody up. He's very funny!

What was your overall impression of him?

He was really grounded and down to earth. He was very humble and nice to everyone.

Did you get a chance to jam with him?

It was a really hectic day so we didn't get to have a jam session. He did let us use his guitar in the scenes and Robbie who plays Toby got to have a jam on it.

Did he give you any tips? 

You have to watch the episode to see what sort of tips he gave me...

What did you think of his acting?

I thought he was really good, he's multi-talented.


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Lucy Elliott (Dayna)

What was it like working with Ed Sheeran?

So overwhelming, I was just in awe of him. But he was so cool and down to earth.

What did you think of his acting skills?

He was very natural; he did a really good job!

Any experience you could share?

Unfortunately, I didn't have a long chat with him. But he asked me a few questions about my job and seemed genuinely interested.

Were you nervous to work with an international superstar?

No not at all... well a little!


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