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Fresh from his U.K Christmas, we sat down and asked the hugely popular Adam Rickitt what it was like to be in the thick of yet another twisted Christmas cliffhanger, plus he reveals his plans for 2010:

OFFICIAL SS WEBSITE: You're coming into your third year on Shortland Street now - Wow how does that feel?

ADAM: Amazing. Actors are normally complete nomads and drift from job to job because they get bored, but I can honestly say there's never been a day gone by that I haven't been excited at the prospect of playing Kieran....what's more I still sense there is so much more to come!

OFFICIAL SS WEBSITE: Did you ever think you'd be on the show this long?

ADAM: If you had asked me before I started then I would have said no, but if you'd asked me the day after I started, or even now, I would say I would be here as long as I can!

OFFICIAL SS WEBSITE: How long do you think you'll be around for?

ADAM: Like I said I hope for a long time, I still think Kieran has got so much room to grow as every day is a battle for him, and I think that dilemma is interesting for the viewer. But that said I guess until the producer says so!!

OFFICIAL SS WEBSITE: Where can the character of Kieran go from here? He's been involved in the last few Xmas cliffhangers always on the periphery of doing something bad e.g hiring a hitman last year/ killing Morgan and framing Rachel this year - can he be redeemed?

ADAM: That's the great thing about Kieran, he isn't a black or white character, he's a man who lives in the grey of life, trying always to be better than he can, but always held back by the demons inside him.  Where to from here? I think that it's an endless opportunity, either showing his internal struggle as new obstacles arise,  or divulging more of his past and character.

OFFICIAL SS WEBSITE: What have you been up to over the summer break?

ADAM: Back to the U.K to see the folks! I had a white Christmas for the first time in 15 years which was amazing and a real joy, but then I did sneak in a couple of weeks lounging in the sun here too, so from one extreme to the other!

OFFICIAL SS WEBSITE: What are your personal plans for 2010?

ADAM: To keep enjoying working as much as I do...get more rock climbing done....see as much of New Zealand as possible (my brother and I are doing a "bucket list" of places we want to go and things we want to do (most of them dangerous!)...and try to save my liver from total red wine destruction!!!


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