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Shortland Street

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Vinnie's big decision

After getting off to a rocky start with his son Michael, Vinnie looks to be getting into the swing of being a dad and making up for lost time. And it’s certainly helped having Vasa, Ula and Nicole on hand to support him.

The group band together to teach Michael about his Samoan culture and Vinnie gets a real sense of what it’s like to have his son in his life again. But Vinnie is surely setting himself up for heartbreak when Jemima returns to take Michael home again.

“Vinnie’s invested a lot of time in getting to know Michael,” says Pua Magasiva. “But at the back of his head is always that thought that Jemima could be back at any time to take him away again. Now that Michael is back in his life, Vinnie really doesn’t want to lose him again.”

When Jemima makes a surprise call to Vinnie, his whole world is quickly turned upside down. Offering up a situation almost too good to refuse, Vinnie is torn between spending time with Michael, and his life and family in Ferndale.

Will Vinnie be won over by what Jemima has to offer?