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Ula's OE

As Ula says goodbye to Ferndale, we take a look at how far she's come:

Rebellious teen, Ula Levi (Frankie Adams), ran away to Ferndale to be with her father Maxwell.

It wasn't long before her mother Vasa tracked her down to try and take her home.

But fortunately for Ula, Vasa made the decision to stay in Ferndale, and Ula was enrolled in Ferndale High. 

Ula was very close to her dad Maxwell, but was devastated to learn that he was not her biological father.

This just caused Ula to rebel even more.

Ula met badboy Tom and the two began a relationship.

But not long into it, Ula was shocked to learn she was pregnant.

When she told Tom, he left Ula high and dry.

Ula hid her secret from everyone except bestfriend Evan, who was in love with her.

When the truth finally came out that she was pregnant, the pair lied to everyone that Evan was the father.

Eventually Evan came clean, and Ula was forced to make the heartbreaking decision to give up her baby for adoption.

At one point she tried for custody of her baby, but then realised it was not the right decision for anyone involved.

This life-changing event saw Ula grow up before our eyes.

Under Dallas and Sam, Ula began to train to be a paramedic. After getting off to a rocky start, she began to excel in her new career.

She moved in with her uncle Vinnie and his son Michael, who she doted on.

But after clashing with Nicole's mother Leanne, Ula made the decision to move out.

She met new surgeon Garret, and eventually fell for his badboy ways.

But after an on-again-off-again relationship, she realised that he wasn't mature enough for her and broke up with him for good.

Having had a crush on workmate Dallas for some time, she was heartbroken to learn he was giving up his career to move back to his parents' farm.

She was adamant it was the wrong decision, and her faith in him saw the two develop feelings for one another.

After a stabbing, a drowsy Dallas confessed his love for her but Ula was devastated when he didn't remember.

She decided it was time to leave Ferndale for the UK to further her career, and at the very last minute Dallas decided to join her so that the two could be together.