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Tracey's family ties

Sarah Thomson's character Tracey Morrison has been somewhat of a mystery since she was first introduced in 2007 as an undercover detective and near victim of serial killer Joey Henderson (Johnny Barker).

Initially only ever intended to be around for a few months, Tracey was so popular with the audience, she was made a core cast member in late 2008.

But since then, the character has remained somewhat of an enigma.

Now in 2010, viewers are set to learn more about the real Tracey Morrison.

"While Tracey originally came to Ferndale to antagonize and interrogate other Shorty characters, it's nice that these days she seems to have found a home there," says Thomson.
"Her brother Doug gives the audience a glimpse into her family life, and in the coming months some more family members will be showing their faces too."

Although it is uncommon, Thomson was one of the lucky actors around the time of the serial killer storyline, whose small role was extended due to the popularity of their characters.

Other cases include James 'Scotty' Scott (Kiel McNaughton) and Morgan Braithwaite (Bonnie Soper).

"I had a great time during my first contract, so I was really stoked to be asked to come back in a more permanent role," says Thomson. "I feel really fortunate to have a job that I love, in such an interesting and dynamic environment."

This week on Shortland Street, Tracey Morrison unwittingly puts a life in jeopardy, all thanks to her dodgy brother Doug ( Richard Knowles ).

When corrupt cop Doug assists in the harm of a key witness in his trial, it's Tracey that comes out feeling guilty.

When an injured man comes into ED (Emergency Department), Doug rushes in, revealing that the patient is an important trial witness in the case he is working on.

However, when it's clear that the witness will survive his injuries, an agitated Doug calls his crooked contact Eddie Ho (Gary Young) to come in and finish what he started.

"Doug is terrified by the threatened consequences of not fulfilling his end of a dodgy gang bargain, so suggests that Eddie come in and finish off the job," says Thomson. "Tracey has no idea what's going on with her brother and just thinks that he's being overly cautious about the health of his key witness."

While it appears that Tracey has a relatively close bond with her brother, even she will be shocked by his actions over the coming weeks.

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