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Too much too soon?

Daniel Potts flirts with Lana  - Shortland Street TV2

The tragic events of December have left Daniel Potts a changed man.

Recovering from his brain injury has been a struggle but Daniel has been determined to get himself back on track as soon as possible.

He hasn't let the challenges of his physical and mental recovery stop him from pursuing his career or a romance with new girlfriend Lana Jacobs.

But this week, as the new couple negotiate the realities of Daniel's condition, cracks begin to show.

A simple misunderstanding over the time of a date turns serious as Daniel begins to question whether or not he can trust Lana.

When Daniel catches her deep in conversation with his caregiver Zac, he suspects it might be more than just a friendly chat.

Unable to trust those closest to him, Daniel's paranoia drives him to an act that will put his health on the line.

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