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What they wore

Find out who's wearing what in our gorgeous new cast photo - and find out where to get it. 

Wendy - dress by Alannah Hill, flower by Just Jeans, shoes by Sarah Riley

Murray - shirt by Barkers, jacket and trousers from Fifth Avenue, shoes from GR8 Shuz

Chris - shirt by Hallenstiens, suit/trousers from Barkers, shoes actors own/wardrobe

Rachel - dress by Karen Millen, necklace & bracelet by Alannah Hill, shoes by Alexander Mcqueen from Runway shoes & Accessories 

Harry - tee shirt & shirt by Urban Supply, jeans from Hallensteins, belt from Barkers, shoes from GR8 Shuz

TK - shirt from Barkers, jeans by Egoist, boots actors own(wardrobe)

Roimata - dress by Topshop at the Department Store, shoes by Karen Millen

Lana - jacket and skirt, belt and cami by Alannah Hill, shoes by Dotti, necklace stylist own

Daniel - shirt by Ben Sherman, chinos by Lee, belt by Barkers, shoes by Overland

Bella - dress by Serdoun, shoes & belt from Alannah Hill, flower by Diva, bracelet and necklace by Sofia, 

Luke - Suit and shirt by World, shoes from GR8 Shuz

Sarah - dress by Forever New, belt by Sofia, earrings by Diva, ring by Sofia, shoes from Trousseau Bridal,

Callum - shirt by Ben Sherman, trousers from Fifth Avenue, shoes(wardrobe) 

Nicole - dress by Alannah Hill, shoes by Mi Piaci, bracelet & ring by Sofia, earrings by Lovisa

Maxwell - shirt by World, trousers by Lee, shoes by Wild Pair

Jasmine - dress by Pop, necklace by Sofia, earrings by Lovisa, shoes by Novo

Phoenix - shirt by World, jeans by smoove, shoes from Wild Pair

Evan - shirt by Esprit, jeans by smoove, shoes(wardrobe)

Brooke-  dress from Hartleys, shoes by Novo, rings from Sofia

Bree - dress by Alannah Hill, shoes by Mi Piaci, necklace by Sofia

Ula - dress by Topshop at the Department Store, shoes by Overland, bracelet by Diva

Vasa - dress & belt by Alannah Hill, shoes by Mi Piaci, earrings by Lovisa

Vinnie - shirt from Fifth Avenue, jeans by Egoist, shoes from GR8 Shuz 

Zac - shirt by Nicholas Jermyn, trousers by Just Jeans, shoes from GR8 Shuz

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