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Shortland Street

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Tania on the prowl

Confident Isaac Worthington (Matt Minto) works his charms on Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe) this week on Shortland Street , when they meet and hit it off.

But Tania isn't the first lady in Ferndale that Isaac has pursued, so will she wind up as just another notch on his belt?

Working with Isaac on a tricky surgery, Tania is quickly impressed by this handsome, driven man.

Smythe explains: "Tania learns how passionate Isaac is about his work, and that's a real turn on for her. He's also everything that her ex-boyfriend Ben (Shaun Edwards-Brown) isn't, so she's pretty attracted to that too."

Deciding to go for a drink together, it's not long before smooth talker Isaac manages to charm his way back to Tania's place.

But back at the Jeffries apartment, Tania's mood is sobered, when her sister Maia (Anna Jullienne) reminds her of Dr Worthington's recent track record with women.

"Tania can see herself really liking Isaac, but she doesn't want to set herself up for getting hurt either," says Smythe. "She knows that Isaac has already been linked to her sister Libby (Fleur Saville) and Tracey (Sarah Thomson), so she decides to put him to the test and start playing hard to get."

The next day, Tania makes Isaac work hard to secure a night out with her.

Finally agreeing on his offer of dinner at an expensive restaurant, Tania is pleased with how things are going. But not far into the date, Tania gets a bit of a surprise.

"Tania overhears another nurse boasting to her friend about her date with the hot new surgeon Isaac the next day," says Smythe. "She quickly realises that Isaac is already living up to his reputation as a ladies man and she must decide what she really wants."

Having been burnt so badly by men in the past, will Tania be willing to take a risk with Isaac?