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Sugar gets a makeover

2010 brings a brand new look to Shortland Street's Sugar cafe.

We spoke to Ana Miskell from the Art department to find out more about Ferndale's favourite hangout.


"The brief for the redesign of Sugar was to create a fresh look that was appealing to everyone.  It had been a few years since the set had been updated, so it was definitely time for a change.


For the furniture we sourced a lot of Formica and vinyl items, along with old-school wooden chairs. We gathered these over a few months using the internet and second hand shops.


We wanted the set to be bright and colourful. For inspiration I looked at Wes Anderson movies, and drew ideas from cafes and interiors (both here in New Zealand and overseas).


The glasses and crockery were largely from my collection of items that were gathered over the years from second-hand shop trawling.


Shortland Street graphic designer Alex Kriechbaum ( read more about Alex's job here ) created a lot of the dressing and designed the new Hey Sugar logo.

We played with these colour combinations over several days.


Several local artists assisted with the set, including Noel Burke-Gaffney who painted the fake vinyl flooring. Also on board was Hawke's Bay artist Perry Davies who created the birdhouses.


What I like best about the set are the details. Wherever you look there's an interesting detail or colour. I also love the fact that the set can develop as we go by adding new images to the walls."