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Steal her Style: Victoria Anderton


Victoria Anderton is played by Laura Thompson


Make up

We sat down and spoke with Bronwyn Lewis and Katie Fell about how they perfect Victoria's look.


What do you do to create her make up look?

Victoria is a young surgeon so she has a very effortless look.

We use a Bobby Brown foundation stick in 'cool beige', a warm eye palette from Bobby Brown, Long Wear Dream Shadow in 'ombre crème,' also from Bobby Brown.

For her brush, we use Mac Marnie.

Her mascara is an old favourite used by a lot of Makeup artists, Maybelline. Great Lash in 'very black'. For lips, Mac 'shy girl.'

When she is in her scrubs we will do her hair up. At the moment it is usually a ballerina bun.

When she's not at work we ruff dry her hair and then use a conical wand to put some curl in it. 

How long does it take to create her every day?

About 1 Hour



We also sat down with costume designer, Nicola Newman. Here's how she puts together Victoria’s look.


Can you tell us a little bit about her look?

Victoria has expensive taste, so is always dressed in designer garments and always looks immaculate.

What are a couple of her classic garments?

Classic garments for her would be her stunning blue shimmer dress by Kate Sylvester. Or her gold textured fitted dress pants.

Where are some good places to shop to get her style?

I would shop for Victoria at Kate Sylvester, Karen Millen, Sass & Bide and Country Road.

What has it been like to create clothes for her?

I have enjoyed putting her look together, using some top designer looks but also designing and making pieces in house.

I like to be able to give women a feminine but powerful look.

Who would be her style Icons?

Her style icon could be someone like Audrey Hepburn.