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Steal her style: Ula Levi

The beautiful Ula Levi, played by Frankie Adams

Shortland Street's costume designer Nicola Newman tells us about Ula Levi's style:
Ula Levi is played by Frankie Adams.

Can you tell us a little bit about Ula's look?

Ula is the epitome of NZ teenage fashion - she loves funky streetwear when casual and wears bright, stylish mini dresses when dressed for special occasions.

How do you create Ula's look?

Go for bright, bold colours and prints, coupled with jeans. Add bold but simple jewellery to accessorise.

What's Ula's signature colour palette?

Bright pastels and primary colours. Mint and spricot or electric blue, teals and fuschia - think BOLD!

Where are some good places to shop Ula's style?

Places like Tempt, Lippy and Wild Pair sell reasonably priced 'Ula' styles that you can mix and match with jeans or jackets you already have in your wardrobe.

Beauty and makeup artist Rebecca Elliot shares some hints about how she transforms actress Frankie into Ula Levi:

Long, shiny, healthy hair is key for Ula. We blow-wave her hair sleek and use Joico Silk Result sheer gloss to add a beautiful shine.

Ula has a very dewy, youthful and fresh look.

We achieve this by using MAC mineral eyeshadows and foundation which lifts and highlights the skin.

MAC cream blush adds that dewy look.

Some essential Ula products are:

Liquid eyeliner, cream blush, dark mascara.

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