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Shorty Stars take the stage

Shorty star Amelia Reid-Meredith (Bella Durville) is going behind the scenes and directing a World War II play based on the heroic actions of Pacific Island Soldiers.

Goodbye My Feleni (Goodbye My Friend) is the first-ever play to explore the experiences of the almost forgotten Pacific Islands soldiers who fought on the battlefields of Europe with D “Ngati Walkabout” Company of the 28th (Māori) Battalion.

Rich with Pasifika humour, song and storytelling, the play explores war’s impact on relationships between men, their families, their cultures and their homelands. 

But when it came to casting the play, Amelia didn’t have to look far with Shorty Star Pua Magasiva jumping onboard.

“I’m really impressed by his braveness as a performer. It’s really inspiring,” Amelia said on working with her co-star. “He takes risks with his role while keeping the integrity of the character. It is an honour to work with such a talented cast. The rehearsal room is full of laughs but they can really turn on the drama.” 

On the play itself, she said, I think it’s an important story to tell because these men fought for our country and yet they have been forgotten.”

The play runs from 28-31 August, and you can find out more here-