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Shorty stars share their New Year's resolutions

Kerry-Lee Dewing plays Kylie - Shortland Street on TV2

Gerald Urquhart plays Luke Durville in Shortland Street on TV2

Beulah Koale plays Jared in Shortland Street on TV2

We've all made them - eat healthier, get to the gym more, be nicer to my siblings. 

Before they went on holiday, we quizzed some Shorty cast mates on what resolutions they would be making this New Years Eve.

Beth Allen:

"Go to bed earlier and be on time."

Beulah Koale:

"Be a good older brother."

Kerry-Lee Dewing:

"It’s always the same; exercise more and eat healthier."

Amy Usherwood:

"Learn the guitar. Stop eating so many lollies (but I love them!!!)"

Gerald Urquhart:

"Be honest in everything I do. It has been the same resolution for quite a few years."

Amelia Reid:

"Back my ideas and keep on dreaming big!"


Shortland Street returns Monday 14th January