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Shortland Street

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Monday 27 March (6201)

Jack trusts his gut. TK faces his demons. Ali has a brush with danger.

Tuesday 28 March (6202) 

Harper finds her blondie. Finn exposes himself. Lucy pays the price for her disbelief.

Wednesday 29 March (6203)

Finn searches for passion. Blue faces a challenging future. Sass learns the devil is in the detail.

Thursday 30 March (6204)

Finn's social conscience awakens. Leanne and Damo stir up trouble. Sass slips deeper towards danger.

Friday 31 March (6205)

Frank pays the price of silence. Harry becomes a rebel with a cause. Sparks fly in the I.T room.


Monday 3 April (6206)

Leanne's true feelings are challenged. Sass gives her brothers an ultimatum. Chris gets caught in the crossfire.

Tuesday 4 April (6207) 

Kate protests Mo's attitude. Ali blows his luck. Leanne gives in to passion.

Wednesday 5 April (6208)

Damo gives Leanne an ultimatum. Sass makes a disturbing discovery. Esther's confronted by a cruel cut.

Thursday 6 April (6209)

Esther becomes a legend. Drew wishes he chose tonsil hockey over table soccer. Sass confronts a monster.

Friday 7 April (6210)

Sass embraces the dark side. Leanne lies for love. Mo betrays his principles.


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