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Shortland Street

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Monday 27 February (6181)

TK plays a dangerous guessing game. Boyd faces an unlikely rival. Ali blows a gasket.

Tuesday 28 February (6182) 

Lucy accentuates the positive. Boyd is forced to examine his true nature. Sass is surprised by Mason's next move.

Wednesday 1 March (6183)

Sass follows her heart down a dangerous path. Esther helps more than herself. Leanne busts Michael's chops.

Thursday 2 March (6184)

Leanne and Damo go to the dogs. Jack acts his age. Esther's heart is put to the test.

Friday 3 March (6185)

TK faces testing times. Cam is determined to prove his love for jack. Boyd's a wanted man.


Monday 6 March (6186)

Boyd puts his eggs in one basket. Jack is drawn into a brave new world. Esther's thrown into a spin.

Tuesday 7 March (6187) 

Esther and Finn fight their feelings. Lucy dares to hope. Jack is shocked by an unexpected announcement.

Wednesday 8 March (6188)

Cam struggles with the fallout. TK goes above and beyond the call of duty. Lucy forces Ali to face a terrible truth.

Thursday 9 March (6189)

Drew and Cam reach a new level. Boyd struggles with the art of compromise. Sass is haunted by doubts.

Friday 10 March (6190)

Mason loses a believer. Boyd and Eve get too close.


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