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Shortland Street

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Shorty's final week for 2009!

Chris and Gabrielle Jacobs

It's that exciting time of year again, with Christmas on the way and Shortland Street's   thrilling last week on air for 2009.

Well known for its gripping cliffhangers, this year is no exception. With plenty of shocking twists and turns, this is a week of television not to be missed. So what can viewers expect?

"Recent years in Shortland Street   have ignored the fact that it's Christmas, but this year we're celebrating it," says producer Steven Zanoski. "As we push further towards Christmas, tensions, secrets and rivalries that have bubbled through the season push to the surface. It leads to an explosive end of year. Everything viewers know and expect is about to be shaken up."

So what does 2010 hold for New Zealand's favourite serial drama? Zanoski promises an exciting start to the New Year.

"The Christmas cliffhangers are all about our characters making difficult choices and taking action.  In some cases, quite shocking action," says Zanoski. "In the New Year, everything gets shaken up when these characters must now live with the consequences. This doesn't just affect the individuals involved but the entire hospital, as the fallout from Christmas shakes the community to the core."

2009 was all about solidifying core relationships and dynamics, but this is all about to change.

In 2010, viewers should expect only the unexpected. Several relationships blow apart, some big secrets are revealed, while others just get bigger.

"Watch out for one hugely popular character digging themselves deeper and deeper into trouble as their lies just increase," says Zanoski. "There's more than one romance which goes off the rails, pushing all characters involved into surprising new territories."

Viewers can also look forward to some new faces and places.

"In terms of keeping the show fresh, a potential love interest is introduced for one of our cast and there's been a make-over to a long standing set," teases Zanoski.

Shortland Street's season finale screens on Friday December 18th.  The show returns to TV2 on Monday January 18th.