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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

Shorty's crossing the ditch!

The girls get together for a wine - Shortland Street on TV2

When you're living overseas, there are just somethings about home that you can't get anywhere else.

Just like Marmite or L&P, Shortland Street is a New Zealand institution and we know there are heaps of Shorty fans living abroad who miss their daily fix.

And now expat Kiwis who've flown across the ditch can also get their daily dose of their favourite homegrown soap on a brand new channel!

Shortland Street is screening in Australia on Foxtel’s Arena channel, weeknights at 5pm AEST.

Aussie fans can visit the Foxtel site here for more info.

So don't forget to tell your family and friends in Oz that they can now watch Shorty over there!


Shortland Street, weeknights at 7pm