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Shavaughn's real life tears

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Shavaughn Ruakere stopped by Good Morning recently to talk about Roimata’s traumatic journey and how the serious storyline has affected her in real life.

She admits that filming Roimata’s storyline has been an emotionally draining experience and that she cried when she first read the script.

“I feel like I’ve been having the biggest cry for the last three months, she confessed to Good Morning. "You know when you have a big cry and afterwards you just feel really drained and spent and tired?”

This is only the second time Shortland Street has broached the issue of sexual assault and this time around Shavaughn says the show has delved into it a lot more seriously.

“It’s a big deal for Shorty to take on a storyline like this,” she says and Shavaughn admits it’s been a huge personal responsibility for her as well.

In the interview Shavuaghn also touches on TK and Roimata’s relationship, raising awareness about sexual assault in New Zealand and her personal involvement  with Auckland’s HELP sexual assault service.

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