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September on Shortland Street

Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TV2

Spring is here and romance is in the air on Shortland Street. With the warmer weather on its way, passions are running high in Ferndale in September.

From potential romance to heart-stopping drama, we’ve got it all this month on Shorty.


Harper Whitley thought she was safe in Ferndale but her dubious past comes back to haunt her this month on Shortland Street

Her exciting life in the big city came with consequences and Harper was forced to flee New York to escape her dangerous associates.

Just as Harper starts letting her guard down, she’s shocked when an old face finally tracks her down.

She’s about to discover that you can never really escape your past and that lesson is going to prove dangerous!


It looks like unlucky-in-love Vasa Levi might finally have a shot at romance in September.

With a tragic track record of failed romances, Vasa has struggled when it has come to finding love in Ferndale.

After yet another failed date, Vasa is down in the dumps when her friends convince her to give internet dating a try.

She’s unaware of the rollercoaster ride in store as she joins the world of online dating.

But is true love really just a click away or is online love about to come crashing down for Vasa?


Boyd Rolleston faces a career crisis this month.

Determined to impress in his new role as Head of Surgery, Boyd works overtime and fills his schedule with complicated surgeries.

But Boyd finds his desire to succeed leads him to take on more than he can handle and a collapse in theatre sees his career in jeopardy.

Can Boyd learn from his mistake or is he about to let his ambitions risk the very future of his surgical career?


Romance may also be on the cards for head of nursing Nicole Miller.

Since the departure of the love of her life Maia Jeffries back in 2011, Nicole has faced a series of relationship setbacks with Vinnie, Boyd and Lana.

When a patient comes in with food poisoning, she finds herself bonding with his charming sister Bonnie.

While Bonnie is eager to get to know Nicole, Nicole’s recent disappointments have her on the defensive.

Is Nicole ready to open herself up to new love?


A job vacancy is about to cause plenty of waves for Shortland Street staff this month.

Chris Warner returns from holiday and decides it’s time to hire a new 2IC

After her recent stint in the swivly chair, Brooke Freeman assumes she’s a shoe-in for the job.

But competition for the 2IC role heats up with Rachel and Harper also jostling for the job of Chris’ right hand woman.

But when Chris isn’t satisfied with any of the potential candidates, he makes a shock hiring decision that infuriates both his girlfriend and his employees!

Is he ready for the fall out?


Three’s company for the Deco House this September as Ula Levi and Emma Franklin find themselves with a handsome new flatmate.

With a room to fill, Ula is keen to have fun-loving Dallas Adams move in to shake things up.

But living in such close quarters with her charming colleague has unexpected results and Ula finds herself developing feelings for Dallas.

Meanwhile Dallas is keen to win over a hesitant Emma but he finds his attempts to make friends backfire, angering both Emma and Ula.

Dallas soon finds himself caught between two feisty females. Is he in over his head?


Also coming up this month an attractive new arrival stirs up trouble for hospital staff and with Sarah and TK growing ever closer; will Shorty fans finally get the long awaited romantic reunion they’ve been hoping for?

You’ll have to keep watching Shortland Street this September to find out!


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