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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

September 21 - 25 2009

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Monday 21st September (ep 4336)

Gabrielle has no experience managing a relationship that is both personal and professional and stands by her decision to break up with Chris.  

Chris complains to Scotty who invites him to a boys' night out to get his mind off Gabrielle.  Meanwhile, Gabrielle is too distracted by thoughts of Chris to concentrate on her work/ 

She accepts Morgan's offer to talk but Morgan's advice leaves her confused.  She instinctively decides to call Chris for help, but realises she can't talk to Chris, having broken up with him. 

Maxwell resists the temptation of the money and gives the John Doe patient's bag to Tania.  He manages to focus on work until his Uncle Feleti gives him a tip on a racehorse. 

Maxwell resists the urge to gamble and passes the tip on to Kieran.  Brooke puts Maxwell under intense pressure by demanding he sign over the apartment's lease to her.

Maxwell caves in to his addiction.  He plans to take the John Doe's money once again but is foiled by Tania.  Maxwell takes his frustration out on a patient in front of Tracey.

Maxwell asks for Tracey's help.  Unwilling to make the same mistake she made with Tai, Tracey tells Maxwell to help himself. 

Maxwell overhears Brooke's plan for a relaxing night at home and gets revenge by moving the boys' night to their apartment. 

However, the rugby is called off and the others want to play poker for money instead.  Kieran reveals that he won big on Feleti's tip.

Maxwell plays poker and wins and heads to the casino with Kieran.

Sophie is horrified when her friend Lucy accuses her of stealing her boyfriend Jared.  Sophie proves she has a boyfriend of her own by introducing Lucy to Kieran. 

Kieran is irritated to be involved in teen drama. Sophie and Lucy are disruptive at the bar and an annoyed Kieran decides to go to the boys' night.

Sophie enacts her revenge by drinking with Lucy at the bar after hours, but is alarmed when Lucy collapses from alcohol poisoning.

Tuesday 22nd September (ep 4337)

Tracey encourages Max to seek professional help for his gambling.  Off a win at the casino, he pays off his debts to Brooke. 

Tracey raises her concerns with Tania who councils her against falling for an addict.  However, Tracey allows herself to be drawn into a tentative reconciliation.

Scotty is pleased when Shanti arrives back from her MS trip early, but keeps secret the fact that Tania is filling in as Charge Nurse.

Shanti runs into Tania and learns that Scotty deceived her.  She raises the matter at lunch with Chris and Gabrielle.  Scotty promises to be truthful in future and he and Shanti reconcile. 

Rebecca arrives to lunch with one of her clients, and Shanti implores an incensed Scotty not to make a scene.  Shanti is forced to get him out of there.

A lonely Chris invites Gabrielle out for lunch, but she refuses on the grounds that they have split up. 

Chris realises that Scotty and Shanti's relationship might prove to Gabrielle that love can blossom at work.  He convinces Gabrielle to lunch with him and Scotty and Shanti.

His plan backfires when Shanti and Scotty argue over a work matter. 

Chris tries to assure Gabrielle that Scotty and Shanti usually get on well, but Gabrielle is now certain she has proved that romances at work are doomed to failure.  

A panicked Sophie calls an ambulance for Lucy.  She escorts Lucy into the hospital and is about to make her escape when Callum enters. 

She spins a lie about Lucy getting drunk at a party and claims she has contacted Lucy's parents. Sophie returns to the bar to clean up the mess and is sprung by Kieran.

Callum learns from TK that Sophie and Lucy were picked up at The I.V and that Lucy's parents were never called.  He is furious.

Callum forces himself to be lenient on Sophie and is rewarded when their bond is renewed. Callum warns Kieran to watch over Sophie more carefully.

Kieran stands up to Callum, who angrily threatens to bring Kieran down.


Wednesday 23rd September (ep 4338)

Callum determines to make life difficult for Kieran at the hospital.  Brooke offers to help Callum bring Kieran down.

Stage one of the plan to sabotage Kieran's business is an espresso machine in the staff room.  Callum goes on to offer free fruit to staff and has a new vending machine installed. 

Kieran is rankled and Sophie is appalled that Callum is sabotaging Kieran.  Sophie confronts Callum, who is quietly delighted by the upset.

Shanti is unsettled to learn that Rebecca and Anna have taken rooms at The I.V and relates this to Scotty, worried that they may be entertaining clients there. 

Scotty refuses to tell Kieran of their suspicions, determined not to betray his sister again.

Yvonne is determined to help Maia find romance again, and takes her and Libby to the bar. Yvonne points out an attractive woman, Nicole, and asks her what she thinks of her. 

Maia and Nicole make eye contact and Maia is forced to deny her attraction to Nicole.  Maia orders Yvonne to stop meddling, but the next day has to interview the attractive Nicole for a nursing position. 

Scotty is impressed with Nicole but Maia convinces herself that she needs to reject Nicole's application.  She opts for a male nurse instead. 

Later she feels guilty about her unprofessional reasons for rejecting Nicole. 

Libby is appalled and thinks that Maia is cutting off her nose to spite her face.  Maia maintains that she has made the right decision.

But Scotty informs her that he has found extra money for the surgical ward and has hired Nicole anyway.


Thursday 24th September (ep 4339)

Frustrated by Libby and Yvonne, Maia resolves to prove to them she doesn't need any assistance love-wise.

At work, she resolves to maintain strictly professional parameters around new nurse Nicole.  Nicole makes friends with Morgan, who is amazed at Nicole's quick learning. 

Later, Morgan enthuses to Maia about Nicole, making Maia wish she could get to know her.  But Nicole seems to be much more interested in Morgan.

Tania is disgruntled when her plans for a romantic evening with Ben are cut short.  She buys his excuse of being overtired.

The following day, Tania and Yvonne notice that Ben looks exhausted.  Tania queries his tiredness and Ben claims he ended up tossing and turning all evening.  

Over coffee, a text message comes through on Ben's phone and he tells Tania he has to go to pick up a rare car part.  

Tania begins to question Ben's true reason for running out.

Kieran worries when Callum's new vending and coffee machines impact on his business. 

Meanwhile, he notices Rebecca and Anna's suspicious behaviour.  When Anna has trouble with an aggressive customer, Kieran discovers that the women are prostitutes.

Kieran agrees to allow Rebecca time to find a new place to live as long as they stop trading under his roof. 

Kieran meets with Rebecca and proposes that they go into business together with him providing security and a place from which Rebecca and Anna can work. 

Friday 25th September (ep 4340)

Yvonne overhears Ben setting up a visit with a woman when he'd previously led Tania to believe he was working. 

Yvonne is determined to give Ben the benefit of the doubt. Libby runs into Chris and, her bitterness is stirred afresh, blurts that Ben's having an affair to Tania. 

Tania and Tracey follow him to his suspected lover's house.  The suspense becomes too much for Tania and she goes to confront Ben, only to find him welding outdoor patio furniture for her.

Tracey struggles with Maxwell's rehab hopes. Later she receives a phone call from her mother, reporting her father has had a heart attack. 

Shaky, she makes plans to leave straight away but Maxwell frets that he's going to slip back into bad habits.

Daniel's concerned when Tupac reveals he's being pressured to fight in an underground boxing match by Magic to pay off drug debts. 

Tupac stymies Daniel's attempts to seek help from TK, swearing him to secrecy. 

Daniel receives a message from Tupac asking for help.  Daniel tries to enlist TK's help, but failing to find him, Daniel has no choice but to go on his own. 

Reaching the warehouse, Daniel realises he's been tricked into coming by Magic, who's enacting revenge. 

He gives Daniel the choice to fight fairly in the ring or be pummelled unfairly outside of it. 

Maia becomes jealous of the connection between Morgan and Nicole.  Nicole is disgruntled when Maia puts her on different shifts than Morgan. 

However, Nicole secures the spare room at El Rancho by taking down the 'flatmate wanted' notice.