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September 19 - 23 2011

TK (Ben Mitchell) and Sarah (Amanda Billing) in Shortland Street on TV2

Jonathon McKenna - Shortland Street TV2

Maxwell, Vinnie and Nicole in Shortland Street on TV2

Zlata (Kate Elliot) and finace Luke Durville (Gerald Urquhart) in Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 19th September (4837)

Luke's confidence plummets after Bella's comments about his toupee, until Zlata bolsters.

Meanwhile, Bella wishes she could take her words back and when Gabrielle approves of Luke's new look, begins to think she could be the one out of step with fashion.

She catches Murray and Wendy having a laugh at Luke's expense and chastises them, but Wendy thinks Bella sensitivity is a product of her denial about her long QT diagnosis.

Bella apologises to Luke and they reconcile.

Later, Zlata insists Luke converts to Catholicism and Luke begins to question Zlata's desire to change him.

When Mona starts treating Jill as her personal servant, Jill begins to think having Mona as a friend might be worst than having her as an enemy.

She plots to shift Mona on and is pleasantly surprised when Mona admits she would like to find a place to spend her retirement.

Mona and Jill look at retirement villages and Jill is concerned Mona is looking way out of Callum's budget.

Mona checks with Callum who cries poor. But when Mona opens his mail, she discovers he owns a building worth 1.5 million dollars.

Maxwell is concerned to discover Vasa is holding Vinnie back at level two when he is trained to level four.

He queries it with Vasa, who reports Vinnie's immature attitude. Nicole adds further insight, explaining how she believes Vinnie hasn't dealt with losing custody of  his son.

Vinnie feels he has an important perspective on a case, but Vasa shuts him down.

So Vinnie does his own research and is proved right. He lauds his success in front of Vasa, demanding that she promote him to level four.

Vasa refuses and Vinnie appeals to Maxwell.

But Maxwell agrees with Vasa - Vinnie isn't ready yet and is behaving disrespectfully - leaving Vinnie shocked by his cousin's betrayal.


Tuesday 20th September (4838)

Nicole's concerned when Maxwell and Vinnie's disagreement escalates.

She attempts to convince Vinnie to clear the air with Maxwell but she's frustrated when he refuses to go along with her plan.

This leads Nicole to set Maxwell and Vinnie up to meet, hoping they will talk and make up.

But the chat quickly disintegrates into argument and Maxwell is left fuming.

Maxwell stubbornly refuses to make any effort with Vinnie and Nicole is left feeling defeated by the stalemate.

Mona insists that she wants to see Callums vacant apartment.  On viewing the flat Mona tells Jill she wants to move in immediately.

Jill's not sure it's suitable for Mona , but Mona insists that if Callum is refusing to pay for the retirement village she wants, then he can let her move into the vacant apartment.

Mona moves in and confides to Rachel that the move is part of a bigger plan to get Callum to pay for the retirement village apartment she really wants.

Mona pops across the landing to the student flat and softenes up Lana.

Mona hears Vinnie come home and drops in to say hello. Lana and Vinnie are bemused as Mona making herself very much at home.

Brooke receives an worrying email from a fellow researcher and feels bad for continuing to conceal things from Alex.

Brooke explains her concern to Winston that a Tan Chee researcher, Dr. Abrams, has walked off the job due to disagreements with Tan Chee.

Winston smooths over Brooke's concern but shes bothered that somethings not adding up.

Brookes determined to track down Dr. Abrams.  After many failed leads she finally manages to get hold of him.

Brooke confronts Winston with the allegations from Dr. Abrams - Tan Chee is erasing any conflicting results on the asthma drug trial.

Winston urges Brooke to see that she'll lose her job offer and any future career prospects if she becomes a whistle blower.

Brooke decides she must be completely honest with Alex and reveals the corrupt conditions of her job offer to him.

Alex is dismayed by Brooke's deception and says he feels betrayed by her lies. It looks like Brooke may have destroyed the relationship with her belated honesty.


Wednesday 21st September (4839)

Roimata struggles to remain patient when TK prioritizes Sarah over romantic time away.

But with her MS symptoms abating, Sarah convinces TK to take the trip with Roimata.

Bolstered by her improving symptoms, Sarah convinces Wendy to leave her alone with Tillie when her scheduled carer is late.

But once shes alone, Sarah is struck with sudden, violent shaking and fears an even worse MS attack is imminent.

When Brookes pleas to talk with Alex fall on deaf ears, she despairs her relationship is over.

Shes given hope when Roimata urges her to do whatever it takes for true love.

Brooke decides to expose Tan Chees corruption - but Winston cuts off her whistleblowing phonecall and warns her that this wont win her Alex back.

Winston challenges Alex to be honest with Brooke before she destroys her career for him, and tell her he doesnt love her.

Brooke follows through on her whistleblowing, elated that shes now good enough for Alex.

But Alex insists shes immoral and they dont have a future together. Brookes crushed.

Gabrielle is under pressure as CEO and Jonathon convinces her to take the night off to spend with him.

However, hes annoyed when Chris corners her to discuss Rachels new remote surgery initiative.

Jonathon is further disappointed to learn that Callum has extended his trip meaning Gabrielle will be CEO for longer.

To appease him, Gabrielle agrees to go into work late so they can spend time together.

However, when she arrives shes embarrassed to discover that Maxwell and Chris have been waiting for her.

Gabrielle tells Chris that her research indicates the new remote surgery initiative will be difficult to implement logistically.

However, Chris is determined to get Rachels initiative through so Callum cant take the credit for it.

Gabrielle feels pressured and considers quitting. Jonathon feels guilty for not supporting her and insists that she persevere in the top job.

Gabrielle calls Callum for advice and informs Chris that Callum wants to hold off on the initiative until his return.

This confirms Chriss fear and he refuses to hold off.

Gabrielle feels steamrolled and when the problems continue to mount she flees and quits as CEO.

Jonathon blames Chris for undermining her but Gabrielle accuses Jonathon of being far worse.


Thursday 22nd September (4840)

Jonathon is at a loss how to rectify his relationship with Gabrielle.

Chris is pleased that Rachel is now CEO but its bittersweet due to his concern for Gabrielle.

He urges her to take a key role in the remote surgery initiative but low on confidence after her failure as CEO, Gabrielle refuses.

Lana and Jonathon try to change Gabrielles mind but this only bothers Gabrielle more.

Jonathon despairs and Rachel sends him to Chris for advice.

Chris urges Jonathon to love Gabrielle the way she is. Jonathon pledges to do this and he and Gabrielle reconcile.

Brooke is brought lower when Wendy and Murray bail her up about the latest crisis with the drug trial.

Later, Brooke shuns Winstons attempt to comfort her.

When Vasa and Maxwell cant attend Ulas careers day, Vinnie volunteers to fill in for them. Once there, Ms Dupree mistakes

Vinnie for Maxwell and Vinnie decides not to correct her. Maxwell is a hit with the students and Ula is pleased.

Vasa arrives as Vinnie talks up the role of nurses and tells jokes at the expense of doctors.

Vasa hides her amusement and winds Vinnie up with a stern reprimand.

Vasa eventually admits she was amused. She agrees to work on Vinnies Level Four promotion in return for workplace respect. Vinnie is stoked.

Suffering a severe relapse, Sarah falls when trying to get to the phone.

Wendy is concerned that Sarah isnt answering and she sends Bella over to check on her.

Despite Sarahs opposition, Bella rushes mother and child to hospital. Bella struggles to slow her racing heart as Sarah is taken in to ED.

Wendys confident that Bella will now see the need to take her meds but Bella feels this episode proves the opposite - if this stress didnt cause a Long QT attack then nothing will.

Sarah is frightened by the severity of her MS attack and Wendy insists on calling TK.

When TK and Roimata arrive, Sarah makes the heartbreaking decision to entrust them with Tillies full-time care while she attends a rehab facility to stabilise her MS symptoms.


Friday 23rd September (4841)

Wendy assures heartbroken Sarah that time in rehab is the best thing.

At home with Tillie, Roimata realises that it makes sense for TK to keep his shifts while she takes over as primary caregiver.

At first Roimata tries to keep her distance from Tillie.

But Jill points out that Tillie needs Roimatas love - not just basic care.

Roimata lets her guard down and is starting to feel okay about having Tillie around.

Acting on her plan to secure a place in a retirement home, Mona continues to aggravate her neighbours.

Shes stymied though when Lana looks on her meddling kindly.

Turning her focus to Vinnie, Monas pleased when she starts to irritate him. Vinnie takes his concerns to Jill - Mona needs to be dealt with.

Hurting after Alexs departure, Brooke refuses to accept comfort from Winston.

Winstons in a bad way himself and he frets to Murray that hell probably be fired from Tan Chee.

Brooke is grateful when Rachel offers professional and personal support, but shes concerned about Tan Chees potential retribution.

Winstons boss Celeste arrives from Korea and offers Winston a second chance.

He shares his happy news with Brooke, who cruelly points out that Winston has found himself another mistress to follow.

Winston worries that shes right, but Nicole and Murray assure him he doesnt have to let anyone boss him around.

Bolstered, Winston accompanies Celeste to a meeting with Rachel and Brooke.

Celeste accuses Brooke of basing her entire research career on fraud - her dilocin discovery having been stolen from Lars Hammett.

Celeste wants Winston to corroborate her allegations.

Winston is on the spot knowing he has to choose either his career, or Brooke.

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