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Sarah Potts is back

A pregnant Sarah Potts - back on Shortland Street

You'll never miss an episode of Shorty Street!

We were thrilled to welcome Amanda Billing (Sarah Potts) back to Shortland Street recently!

When Sarah left Ferndale last year, fans assumed that was the end of her on-screen love story with hot doc TK Samuels.

But our writers hadn't quite finished with Sarah yet!

We've been keeping it under wraps - but Amanda has been back in the studio since February, after taking a break to appear in the Auckland Theatre Company's production of Cabaret, for which she got RAVE reviews!

Now Sarah's back in her beloved ED, and TK is dealing with the bombshell of Sarah's shock pregnancy.

Where does this leave TK's relationship with gorgeous nurse Roimata Ngatai? 

Will TK stand firm to his promise to be 'just friends' with Sarah or will he be drawn back to Sarah and the family he has always wanted?

Stay tuned! Get a  sneak peek at April's big stories on Shortland Street!