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Sworn to secrecy - Regan knows Jill's secrets - Shortland Street TV2

Callum McKay is played by Peter Mochrie

A desperate plan comes to fruition this week on Shortland Street as Regan Ames gets set to clean out former hospital CEO Callum's bank accounts.

Desperate to pay off his heavies for a deal gone wrong, Regan is forced to wait until he can access the account without raising suspicion.

Gifted a window of opportunity, Regan makes his move, unaware that there has been a witness to his crime!

Meanwhile, as the truth dawns on a trusting Callum, he is blasted by son Hunter for his stupidity.

Callum is disturbed when Hunter speculates that Jill may be involved in the crime, and he is quick to defend her honour.

As Callum explains Jill's unfortunate lack of judgement and criminal past to a judgemental Hunter, he keeps one piece of information to himself.

He and Jill have been fighting their growing attraction to one another - right under Hunter's eyes!

Stay tuned for more Hunter/Jill/Callum repercussions in upcoming episodes of Shortland Street!