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Shortland Street returns for 2014

Who will survive the explosion? - Shortland Street on TV2

Is three a crowd for Rachel and Chris? - Shortland Street on TV2

Romance is brewing between Dayna and Evan - Shortland Street on TV2

Amelia Reid plays Bella - Shortland Street on TV2

Vinnie confronts Vasa - Shortland Street on TV2

As Shortland Street returns for 2014, we brace ourselves to say goodbye to one beloved character…

You’ve been waiting and now questions will finally be answered with an emotional one hour episode that will reveal the aftermath of the brutal explosion in the final moments of 2013.

The events at the Warner Christmas party send shockwaves around the hospital as the extent of Josh Gallagher’s violent attack is revealed and hospital staff cope with the death of a colleague.

But while the partygoers struggle to move on from the tragic events, a nightmare is just beginning for Vasa Levi and her daughter Ula.

With Vasa's ex-partner found dead in suspicious circumstances, Vasa's tumultuous relationship with Travis comes under the spotlight as she's quizzed by police. With more enemies than friends, the list of suspects in Travis’ murder grows. But Vasa is under pressure as police attention focuses on her and her family and under interrogation the case against Vasa mounts.

She was betrayed and abused by Travis but could Vasa really be capable of murder? 


Meanwhile January sees a full house at the Coopers’ with Dayna Jenkins and her brother Kane now taking up residence.

Living under the same roof sees tensions rise between Evan and Dayna after their brief fling last year. They attempt to fight their feelings but it’s not long before living in such close quarters sees their passion reignite.

Knowing Wendy and Murray would disapprove and potentially ask the Jenkins siblings to move out, the couple desperately attempt to keep their relationship secret. But it’s a serious struggle hiding anything in the Cooper household.

With Dayna and Kane’s family security on the line, can Evan and Dayna keep their relationship under wraps?


As newly engaged couple Chris Warner and Rachel McKenna move on from the devastating explosion at their family bach, they’re looking to a happy future with a wedding on the cards.

But with Chris still keen to have a baby with their friend and colleague Grace Kwan, their wedding plans are about to get extremely complicated.

While Rachel says she’s open to Chris and Grace’s decision, the reality of her fiancé making a baby with another woman becomes too much, even for tough minded Rachel.

Will Shortland Street’s golden couple Chris and Rachel make it down the aisle or will the business of baby making trip them up along the way?

After her heartbreak at Josh’s treachery, a devastated Bella Cooper is offered the opportunity for a fresh start when CEO Grace Kwan offers her a job as her PA.

But their working relationship gets off to a shaky start when Grace is horrified by some of Bella’s quirkier working habits and things escalate further when Bella accidentally ends up entangled in Grace’s private life.

Stay tuned to find out if Bella can make it work or if she’s setting herself up for failure.

Plus there will be plenty more drama to come on Shortland Street this month, as the repercussions of the tragic events at Christmas continue for several of your favourite characters.

Don’t miss it when Shortland Street returns on Monday 13 January!



Shortland Street returns Monday 13 January 2014