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Photographer Jae Frew

Jae Frew has been working with Shortland Street and South Pacific Pictures for many years. You can see his work all over this site plus in many other publications and places.

We asked him what it's like to be Shortland Street's favourite "snapper"...

What does your work at Shortland Street entail?

I am the Photographic Stills Photographer for the production.  My job is to supply images of the cast and show in order to use for the publicity and promotion of Shortland Street. 

These images are seen in magazines, newspapers and on the net.  

How does working on Shortland Street differ from working on other productions?
Shortland Street is a 'fast turn around' TV production, producing an episode per day.  This means the pace at which the cast and crew work is a lot faster than other productions that I work on. 

The show is constantly changing, so there are always new people to meet and photograph on various sets and locations.

How long have you been doing work for Shortland Street now?
I have been working on Shortland Street (off and on) since Kirsty and Dr Ropata's time - from almost the beginning.

What do you love most about your work?

Meeting new people and working with such a great, supportive crew and production team.  Creating exciting images that best showcase the episodes and cast of the show.

What's one of the most fun circumstances you've experienced while working at Shortland Street?
There have been many in the time that I have been with the show.  More recently was when we shot an episode in Rarotonga. 

It was fun being out of the normal pace (although still busy) and in such beautiful surroundings.
What's the most challenging part of your job?
Because the show shoots so quickly and there is not a lot of spare time, I would have to say that getting the right shot in the time that is available would be have to be the greatest challenge.

What advice could you give people who would like to pursue a career in your field?

Learn about the industry and the productions you want to work on.  A lot of this work is about relationships and knowing how to work with lots of different people in different roles. 

We interviewed Jae during the 2009 cast photo shoot. Watch Jae talk about the planning and execution of that photo here.