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Our furry friends

Check out these Shorty stars and their super cute pets!


Sophie Mclntosh

This is my kitten Sugar! 

We got her from the SPCA. My brother wanted to call her Icing-sugar but we settled with just Sugar. 

She's pretty anti-social but I love her anyway. She actually likes my dad the best even though he didn't want a cat! 

I remember the first night we bought her home and I wanted to sleep in the kitchen with her! ( I was quite little :P ) 


Amelia Reid

I have an SPCA puppy named Ruby and she’s amazing! She is so sweet and such a great addition to our little family. She’s nuts and we are nuts about her.


Pua Magasiva

My Dog is like me and that’s why I love him so much.


Ria Vandervis

My favourite moment withy Maeby is every single time I come home, or we see each other for the first time in a while (and it could only be an hour), she goes crazy with excitement.

She is such a great mate, and he is the best running buddy out there. I love her so much!!


KJ Apa

I have a Husky named Roko. She is like a best friend to me.