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October on Shorty St


It’s getting warmer as we head into spring, and things are most definitely heating up in Ferndale too. Don't miss all the action coming up this month.



Victoria struggles to deal with the return of Trent in her life. The dangerous criminal, finally released from jail, has made her his number one target for torment, just as he threatened to do when he was in hospital.

Taunting her, Trent threatens Victoria, saying that she'll have to watch her back, because he's going to make her life hell. Victoria quickly realises that he means business.

Determined not to play into his threats and become a victim, Victoria devises a plan to turn the tables on Trent, but is she really capable of taking on a dangerous criminal? Or will she end up putting her life, and the lives of others at risk?


Drew gets an unwelcome surprise in October. He discovers that a patient who he performed plastic surgery on, is in fact underage, and the surgery should never have taken place.

Aware that he and Margaret are going to be in the firing line if anyone else discovers what happened, Drew makes plans to cover the situation up. But Rachel has a way of discovering everything that goes on in her hospital, and it's not long before she gets wind of the misdemeanour.

Meanwhile, the underage patient soon ends up with complications and it's not long before a very angry parent gets involved. Drew's career and livelihood could very well be cut short.


Margaret's involvement in underage patient issues aren't her only problem this month.

She struggles with temptation, juggling the Plastic Surgery accounts in order to take money for her own benefit. Having gone down for fraud and done time behind bars before, Margaret knows its dangerous territory for her. She battles to stay away, but is it only a matter of time before she slips back into old habits and gets herself trapped again?

As well as work issues, grieving Marg also has to contend with the realisation that Victoria may well have designs on her husband.

Bluntly warning Victoria, Marg hopes she's made it clear that Mo is off limits. But going up against Victoria might have earned her a very unpleasant enemy, and things are set to get tense!


Unlucky in love, Dayna has contended with plenty of Mr Wrongs over the last year or so, leaving her wondering if romance will ever come her way.

But when she bumps into an attractive stranger in the hardware store, there's instantly something between them, making her wonder if she's just found Mr Right.

But when 'Mr Right' disappears just as quickly as he was discovered, Dayna's stumped as to how she can find him again. Determined to help her find love, its Dayna's friends who decide to hunt down the mystery man down. But where could he be?


Meanwhile, TK gets a surprise when a family member arrives in town looking for a job.

Bella and Jimmy prepare for their new addition to make an appearance before the end of the month too.



Tune in to catch all the action in October!