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October on Shortland Street

Michelle (Bethany Hall) and Maxwell (Robbie Magasiva)

Michelle Langston as Bethany Hall in Shortland Street

Jasmine (Pearl McGlashan) in Shortland Street on TV2

Phoenix Raynor - Shortland Street TV2

Zlata Waldheim and Bella Cooper in Shortland Street

Shavaughn Ruakere as Roimata Ngatai in Shortland Street

Teuila Blakely stars in Shortland Street on TV2

Winston Youn - Shortland Street TV2

Callum McKay (Peter Mochrie) and his mother Mona (Judy Rankin)

Gabrielle (Virginie Le Brun) and Jonathon (Kieran Hutchison) in Shortland Street

It's another action-packed month in October!

Read on for our exclusive sneak preview of this month's dramas, romance, disappointments and revelations. 

First up in October, the arrival of an attractive new doctor turns heads on Shortland Street.

Bethany Hall is gorgeous, smart and determined and it looks like she may have her sights set on ED doctor Maxwell Avia, much to his girlfriend Nicole Miller's dismay.

Maxwell has been distant since his return from Australia and the arrival of his Australian colleague Bethany immediately raises Nicole's suspicions.

She's annoyed by Bethany's flirty friendship with Maxwell and their undeniable connection at work.

When Bethany has Nicole moved from working alongside them in ED, Nicole is increasingly paranoid that there is more to their close working relationship than they're letting on.

Maxwell denies any wrongdoing but he can't ignore the sparks between him and Bethany. Nicole has been burnt by infidelity before, will she get burnt again?

In October, the girls of the Cooper family continue to deal with their Long QT diagnosis.

After her near death experience, Jasmine Cooper develops an obsession with death and the occult.

Her new melancholy interests put her at odds with her boyfriend Phoenix, who can't understand why she's become so dark.  

But finding a way to get Jasmine out of her morbid obsession might be a harder task than Phoenix is up for and he is soon left wondering if their relationship is worth all the hard work.

Bella Cooper is still in denial about taking medication to help with her Long QT and distracts herself by fretting over her sister's new obsession and meddling in Luke and Zlata's relationship.

Luke Durville and his fiancee Zlata continue to butt heads over her insistence that Luke convert to Catholicism for their upcoming wedding.

Bella tries not to interfere but she can't help getting caught up in their dramas.

Meanwhile, her friendship with Luke continues to strengthen after he challenges her to confront her fears about Long QT and the possibility of dying.

As Bella grows closer to Luke, she becomes more and more conflicted over his relationship with Zlata and when she's asked to be Zlata's bridesmaid, she's forced to face her true feelings.

It seems Bella's interest in Luke and Zlata's relationship might be more than just the concern of a good friend.

With Sarah's departure last month and TK busy at work, Roimata finds herself in the fulltime role of new mum to baby step-daughter, Tillie. 

Juggling nappies and feeds, even Roimata is surprised by how quickly she's slipped into mummy mode.

After she freaks out when Tillie goes for routine injections, Roimata worries she's growing too close and can't shake feelings of guilt at stepping into Sarah's shoes.

Roimata tries to detach herself by going back to work but she continues to worry about Tillie while she's away from her.

When Daniel returns to help look after his baby sister, he's quick to accuse Roimata of trying to take his mother's place.

Has Roimata taken her new role too far?

An unusual friendship blossoms this month on Shortland Street .

Winston is at a loss after being fired from Tan Chee but quickly finds a new direction when he's hired as Shortland Street 's newest nurse.

With Brooke Freeman keeping him at arm's length, he discovers a new mistress to worship - his no-nonsense boss, Vasa Levi. 

Winston hangs on Vasa's every order and his constant sucking up puts him at odds with the other nurses.

Brooke tries to warn Vasa about Winston's stalker tendencies but Vasa refuses to listen.

Lonely Vasa enjoys Winston's devotion and begins relying heavily on him for support.

But when Winston is offered a new job elsewhere, Vasa realises just how important he is to her.

Love is in the air for Mona "The Moaner" McKay, resulting in disapproval from her son, Shortland Street CEO Callum McKay, and bemusement from his girlfriend Jill Kingsbury. 

To stop Mona pestering her neighbours, Jill encourages her to volunteer at the hospital where she meets fellow volunteer, Derek. 

Mona is soon won over by his charming manner but Callum is concerned when he discovers Derek has previously conned vulnerable elderly women at the hospital.

He tries to warn Mona but she refuses to listen.

Thinking Derek is independently wealthy, manipulative Mona tries to use the relationship for her own gains while Derek appears to have his own agenda.

Just who is conning who in this unusual new relationship?

Things aren't looking good for Jonathon and Gabrielle this month. 

After some time apart to reassess their relationship, Jonathon returns from holiday and he and Gabrielle attempt to make things work.

But after Gabrielle's attempts at being spontaneous fall flat, Jonathon realises their relationship may not be salvageable after all.

His doubts deepen when he discovers a surprising new attraction to someone who's definitely not Gabrielle...

This could be the final nail in the coffin for Jonathon and Gabrielle's relationship.

Plus there'll be lots more Rugby World Cup reaction from Shortland Street staff. Will there be a big celebration at the hospital after the grand final? Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned for all the drama in store this month on Shortland Street!

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