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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

October 31 - November 4 2011

The beautiful Ula Levi, played by Frankie Adams

Pearl McGlashan plays Jasmine Cooper - Shortland Street TV2

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Brooke Freeman - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 31st October (4866)

Following their night together, Maxwell is guilty that he didn't manage to resist Bethany. Later Maxwell is uneasy when Bethany turns up at work, but she tells him the Wellness clinic is in jeopardy - their sponsor is demanding a matched financial input from the hospital.

Bethany and Maxwell have a meeting with Callum, and they're both disappointed when Callum turns them down. With the Wellness clinic dropped, Maxwell realises he has every reason to let Bethany go. However, Bethany has to stay on to visit her sick aunt in Wellington, leaving Maxwell in limbo.

Vinnie pushes the idea of a Halloween party. Luke refuses to participate, keeping his Halloween-free promise to Zlata. But Vinnie is persuasive and Luke allows to the party to be held at the Taxidermy Clubroom. At the party, Luke guiltily admits he hasn't told Zlata about the party and Bella is secretly thrilled by his betrayal.

Nervous, she drinks too much, too fast and enthusiastically defends Luke's right to refuse a voodoo demonstration. When Vinnie persists in hassling Luke, a tipsy Bella provides a performance of her own using one of Luke's masks. Luke is drawn in and they share a very sexy, primal dance, raising Bella's hopes that Luke will realise that she is the woman for him, not Zlata.

It's Halloween and Murray's working late so he insists Jasmine and Evan stay home. Vinnie pops in to get Lukes box of voodoo trinkets for the party and a a voodoo ritual candle drops out. Later, Jasmine, Evan and Phoenix are watching horror movies but the movies prove to be dull. When the Cooper's broken clock unexpectedly starts chiming, Jasmine's Halloween excitement grows. Evan discovers the voodoo ritual candle and Jasmine sees it as proof they should do a seance.

Despite Phoenix being unsure, Jasmine forges ahead with her seance plan. Phoenix is seriously rattled when Jasmine pulls out letters that could correspond to his dead mum's name and stops the seance. Jasmine pulls out another letter, proving to Phoenix the letters are a coincidence. But a call from Wendy upsets Evan and Jasmine when they learn their grandfather has died. Jasmine is shocked to realise the seance letters were spelling out their grandfathers name.

Tuesday 1st November (4867)

Jasmine's shock that her grandfather is dead gives way to a perverse sense of excitement as she begins to believe she did contact the other side. Phoenix, however, is shaken by the experience but he finds comfort in Rachels rational perspective. Jasmine tries to convince Evan to help her contact their grandad again but he finds the idea distasteful.

Jasmine gets her opportunity to hold a solo seance but it fails and she feels sickened when she realises the effect its had on Phoenix. The emotional impact of her granddad's death finally hits her when she sees an upset Wendy.

Lana gets an emotional boost when Daniel offers to help look for the missing Gabrielle. Jonathon realises Daniel still holds a candle for Lana and prompts him not to let his duty to Sarah stand in the way of love. Lana leans on Daniel and their attraction grows. Then Gabrielle returns. She claims she is fine, but Lana suspects she hasn't dealt with her hurt over the break up.

Sarah urges Daniel to pursue Lana and Daniel asks Lana out on a date. Lana's concern for Gabrielle grows and she starts to blame Jonathon for causing the damage. Lana and Daniel meet for their date but Jonathon is there and Lana attacks him for the way he has treated Gabrielle. Daniel thinks this is unfair and defends Jonathon, resulting in Lana turning on him.

Bella tries to calm herself of the passion cause by dancing with Luke at the party, but after Luke's revelation hes been denying his true feelings, Bella almost kisses him. They're interrupted, and she confides to Lana that she thinks she and Luke will be together.

But the next day, Bella learns Luke's true feelings were his acceptance of himself - he removes his toupee and tells Zlata she will have to learn to love him the way he really is. Bella is crushed, but Zlata feels betrayed and hurt and walks out on him, leaving Luke fearing he may have lost her forever.

Wednesday 2nd November (4868)

Luke struggles to placate Zlata, but Lana intuits that Zlatas playing up her distress to get her own way. Lana is intrigued when Zlata worries over a missed phone call from Romania, and her intrigue grows when she discovers Zlata has reconciled with Luke. She suspects Zlata changed her tune because her father needs help, not because shes accepted Luke as he is.

Jonathon reports his regret hes damaged Lana and Daniels romance to Rachel, but she rightly calls him on his over-involvement in Daniels relationships. Determined to ignore his true feelings, he encourages Daniel to give Lana another chance. Daniel goes to Lana but Lana is still upset with him for supporting Jonathon. They end up arguing and decide to call it quits for good.

Jonathon is disappointed to learn this but hes encouraged that Daniel might share his attraction when Daniel insists that Jonathon join him for a drink.

Murray is concerned when Wendy overloads herself with funeral preparations. She comforts Evan, Jasmine and Bella and encourages them to prepare something for the funeral. Jasmine writes a poem which deeply affects Wendy and leads to Wendy breaking down.

Wendy confides to Murray that she cant cope with any more terrible things happening to the family. Murray reminds Wendy that she has him and the kids to support her and Wendy draws strength from her family.

Jill hopes to reconnect with Callum by attending a charity ball. But Callum is preoccupied with restoring his reputation and refuses to attend. Jill fears he doesnt trust her after she embarrassed him and decides to prove that shes a reliable partner by hosting a grown up dinner party.

Jill persuades TK and Roimata to attend but is dismayed when she discovers that they have argued prior to coming and that TK has also clashed with Callum at work. Jill tries to make the dinner party a success and almost succeeds until a tipsy Callum takes umbrage with her flippant attitude towards his job. He unleashes his suppressed resentment for the embarrassment she caused him and lambasts her.

Thursday 3rd November   (4869)

Despite Callums apologies, the dinner party ends abruptly. When Callum tries to make amends with Jill the next day, they end up fighting again. TK touches base with Callum, concerned that Callum is taking his professional frustrations out on Jill. Callum starts to open up to Jill about his mid life crisis but is disappointed when this leads to further frustrations between them. Jill accepts Callum has been under stress lately and needs to prioritise work, but shes disappointed he hasnt prioritised her.

Maxwell is thrown when a distraught Bethany arrives on his doorstep. Having spent time with a sick Aunt, she is in need of comfort. But Maxwell is quick to distance himself from temptation and takes her back to her hotel. The next day, Bethany reaches out to him, needing help to find a medical specialist but Maxwell is wary of getting involved.

But seeing Bethany so vulnerable and learning they share similar values, Maxwell gets drawn into her plight. When Maxwell is able to solve Bethanys dilemma, they share a tender moment, forcing Bethany to flee. Later, she makes a strong case for a relationship and offers him a brand new life in Australia complete with an exciting ED opportunity, leaving Maxwell tempted.

Vinnie is determined to heat things up with Brooke and asks her out but Brooke refuses. Feeling on a professional downer, Brooke is delighted to learn that the ball is coming up and pins her hopes on being able to convince the medical establishment that she is a serious and reliable doctor. However, when Brooke isnt invited, Vinnie sees an opportunity.

He manages to wangle some ball tickets off Maxwell and uses this to bait Brooke into a date, making her jump through several hoops to get them. Brooke has had enough when Vinnie tells her she can have the tickets on the proviso she goes with him. Brooke refuses and Vinnie pushes. In no mood for fooling around, and with her career on the line, Brooke informs him that hes too low status to be seen with at the ball, leaving Vinnie gutted.

Friday 4th November (4870)

Maxwell reels from Bethanys proposal and insists he needs time to think. Vasa sees Maxwell and Bethany together and sensing sexual tension, confronts Maxwell. Maxwells relieved to unburden and Vasa goes in to bat for Nicole, leaving him feeling guilty. Maxwell finally makes his decision and Bethany is disappointed when he rejects her. She leaves upset while Maxwell hopes hes made the right decision.

Brooke is going to the ball but she soon realises its a tainted victory. At work, Vinnies cool with her and she tries to convince herself that shes pleased to be rid of him. But she misses his good humour and invites him to join her for lunch. He rejects her and she fears the chill between them is permanent.

When Brooke comes across Vinnie on her way home to get ready for the ball, hes had a change of heart and is unexpectedly friendly to her, increasing her feelings of guilt and loss. Abandoning her ball plans, Brooke chooses to spend the evening with Vinnie and they share a warm moment.

Ula is irritated that new boy Tom is befriending Phoenix. Tom visits Ula at the cafeteria and makes an effort to get her attention. Ula gives him the brush off but then bumps into him, spilling coffee everywhere. She blames Tom for the mishap and seeing his scooter parked illegally, she takes her revenge.

When Tom again tries to make peace with her, admitting he really likes her, Ula feels terrible for having his scooter towed. The tow fee is steep and Tom admits hell now be short of food money. He confides that he doesnt live with his parents - hes flatting and things are tough.

Ula decides to help Tom with his food crisis, promising him surplus cafeteria food, but shes dismayed to find the food has already been collected for the city mission. She takes fresh food, intending to pay for it the next day - but Murray returns unexpectedly and shes caught red-handed, seemingly stealing.

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