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October 04 - 08 2010

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Monday 4th October (ep4596)

Jennifer is mortified that she's crossed the line with Hunter and quickly backs out of the kiss. 

Despite her apologises, Hunter can't help but be fascinated by her.  Off sage advice from Brodie, he tries to pursue her. 

Although Jennifer tries to retreat from his advances, Hunter is reluctant to let her go. 

Jennifer is further embarrassed when she learns that Hunter is the CEO's son. 

Hunter doesn't get her hints that she's not interested, forcing Jennifer to reveal secrets from the past. 

She admits she lost her niece while in her care and the whole tragedy flooded her with traumatic memories. 

She clarifies that it could've been anybody that she sought comfort with, leaving Hunter disappointed.

Even though Brodie has made a commitment to give it a go with Bella, he finds it difficult to wipe Sophie from his mind.

He confesses that it's Sophie he has feelings for.  But when Bella is surprisingly gracious and understanding, Brodie sees her with fresh eyes. 

Realising he's let a good one get away, he determines to win Bella back. 

However, a confused Bella is conflicted, on the one hand liking Brodie, but on the other, not wanting to take second place. 

When Brodie tries to win her round, Bella surprises him by deciding she doesn't want to try again.

Nicole manages to get away with her hangover and vows to make amends the next day. 

A nurse turns up hungover, and when Nicole wants to send her home, Tania accuses her off hypocrisy leaving Nicole little option but to keep the nurse on. 

Feeling increasingly stressed by any kind of workplace tension, Scotty asks Tracey for an update on Nicole's progress as Charge Nurse, but Tracey refuses to get involved. 

Believing Nicole led him on, Leo tells Scotty Nicole was hungover yesterday. 

Scotty accuses Nicole of unprofessional behaviour.  Nicole fudges that she was fine and makes a determined plea to keep her job.

He confides to Chris that he thinks Nicole is finally taking the job seriously but is shocked and angry to walk in on an unprofessional Nicole arguing loudly with Tracey and Tania. 

Scotty defuses the situation, but is shaken to find himself having a full-on panic attack.


Tuesday 5th October (ep 4597)

Nicole reacts to Scotty's telling off by pleading with Tracey and Tania for their support. 

After she gets it, she pulls rank and becomes increasingly strict with the nurses. 

Chris is concerned by Nicole's harsh treatment of Wendy and comments on it to Scotty.

Frightened by how shaky and emotional he feels after his panic attack, Scotty is desperate to avoid conflict and so is loath to intervene. 

Chris finds this odd but puts Scotty's attitude down to his new found happiness with Tracey.

Wendy is determined to teach Evan a lesson by making him pay work through the holidays to pay back some of the money Chris spent on replacing Mrs Garland's ruined carpet.

Hoping to impress Bella, Brodie offers Evan a holiday job as a kitchen hand in the cafeteria. 

Evan's reluctant but Wendy accepts the job on his behalf. 

Maxwell feels guilty for not punishing Ula in the same way, especially when Ula is mean about Evan's new job. 

Maxwell decides that Ula will work as a volunteer at the hospital.  Ula hates the job and blames Evan for her predicament.

Brooke reads her rivals' CVs for the research grant. 

She also scoops up Leo's CV, curious about the qualifications it took to get the job of running the private wing. 

She pays scant attention to it, too preoccupied by how well qualified and experienced her rivals are until Isaac suggests she level the playing field by altering their CVs. 

Brooke successfully gains access to Leo's computer and alters the CVs, but in spite of Isaac's warning text, Brooke is sprung by Leo, who is determined to turn her in to Callum. 

Brooke fears that she will lose her job but Isaac recalls a discrepancy on Leo's CV that gives her a life line. 

Brooke confronts Leo about the discrepancy, accusing him of lying on his own CV and exposing him as a fraud.


Wednesday 6th October (ep 4598)

Daniel and Sarah arrive home from Indonesia and Sarah instructs Daniel to rest and recuperate from his snake bite. 

Sophie pays a visit.  Growing bored, Daniel ignores Sarah's advice and visits TK in the ED.  TK also instructs Daniel to rest. 

But Daniel is intent on reconnecting and goes to the bar, where he talks up his adventures and drinks beer. 

This reacts with his antibiotics and Daniel becomes violently ill.

Ula's punishment involves reading magazines to the elderly at the hospital, a task she finds boring.

Evan suggests swapping the reading material for her rather racy teen fiction and Ula tries it. 

However, the old lady Ula is reading to suffers a heart attack, leaving Ula fearing it was her choice of literature which caused the lady's heart to fail. 

Maxwell assures Ula she isn't to blame, and convinces her that she is performing a compassionate and much appreciated service. 

Brooke blackmails Leo in to silence over her CV doctoring by promising not to expose him as a fraud. 

She seeks out Isaac, who suggests they celebrate her win over Leo.  However, Luke needs Isaac to go over paperwork with him all afternoon. 

Isaac shirks his paperwork duties, dumping it all on Luke, and meets Brooke for a slap-up lunch. 

Brooke needs to return to work for an afternoon shift, but Isaac rings her H.O.D and lies that she is unwell.  

He takes her out to look at a luxury yacht, which he impulsively buys as a reward to himself for passing his exams. 

An impressed Brooke begins to flirt with him in earnest.  The pair end up kissing, but they are surprised by an unexpected visitor - Isaac's mother.


Thursday 7th October (ep 4599)

Sophie is impressed when Brodie reveals a cost-effective plan to promote cocktails at the I.V. 

Brodie is pleased to be back on Sophie's good side, but their plans to increase the I.V.'s profit margin hit a road-block when Sophie finds leaflets advertising the opening of a new local bar. 

Brodie goes on a spy mission to check out the competition.

Sophie frets that the I.V may suffer financially as a result.

A violently ill Daniel is brought into the E.D by Hunter.  TK and Sarah conclude that his illness has been caused by his foolish decision to drink while on antibiotics. 

Daniel is admitted to the medical ward and Ula is pleased to realise that he will be one of the patients she is responsible for. 

Ula lavishes her attention on Daniel.  When Sophie visits Daniel, Ula becomes jealous and she's pleased when Sophie leaves. 

Daniel tries to encourage Ula to spend time with other patients but Ula only has eyes for Daniel. 

Daniel is uncomfortable to realise that Ula has a crush on him.

Brooke and Isaac are embarrassed to be caught in an intimate moment by Isaac's mother Cecile. 

Isaac puzzles over the reason for Cecile's visit. 

Over dinner with Chris and Isaac, Cecile reveals that she and Desmond want Chris to oversee the complex surgery of a young Papua New Guinean boy, Joseph. 

Cecile explains that she and Desmond plan to adopt Joseph.  Isaac is intrigued by Joseph's surgery and assumes he'll have a place on the elite surgical team. 

Cecile, Chris and Isaac meet with Callum to organise the surgery, which Cecile is generously bankrolling. 

Isaac is bitterly disappointed when Chris admits there isn't room for him on the surgical team. 

Isaac lashes out at Leo, who is dismayed to realise that Isaac knows about his falsified CV.  

Leo decides to abscond with money from a hospital account, the majority of which has been deposited by Cecile for Joseph's surgery. 

Bella almost catches Leo in the act and she reports her concern to Callum. 

Callum is horrified when he realises that Leo has escaped with two hundred thousand dollars of hospital money.

Friday 8th October (ep 4600)

Chris and Callum contact the police and the airport in hopes of finding Leo before he flees the country with the $200,000 meant for Joseph's surgery. 

They discover he never boarded his flight.  Callum feels terrible when he recaps the disaster to Cecile and Isaac.

Isaac is aware his silence over Leo's fake CV helped Leo abscond. 

Having lost faith in Shortland Street, Cecile pulls Joseph's surgery and gives it to an Australian hospital. 

Chris agrees to travel to Australia to perform the surgery on Joseph, and says goodbye to Harry and Phoenix. 

Cecile surprises Isaac with her decision to stay on another week, then insists he and Brooke join her for dinner. 

At dinner, Cecile and Brooke get along brilliantly, but the evening sours for Brooke when Cecile innocently reveals the Worthington's were victims of Brooke's father's, Grant Marsden's, financial scam in the 90s.

Sophie and Brodie worry about the I.V's financial future, aware the new bar up the road is outperforming them in every way. 

Sophie decides to rehire Dante, the mixologist, but Brodie's still dark on Dante for groping Sophie. 

But when Brodie can't come up with a better idea, he gives in to Sophie's suggestion.

Maxwell feels territorial when he discovers TK loaned Sarah nearly four grand to rescue Daniel, and insists on paying TK back on the spot. 

Daniel decides to cook a thank you dinner for TK and Sarah, aware they paid for his rescue chopper. 

Maxwell feels put out when Sarah visits ED to invite TK to dinner on Daniel's behalf. 

He follows Sarah into her office and attempts intimacy, but she backs him off. 

Growing worried, Maxwell asks Tania why she and TK didn't work out, and she admits her belief that TK can't let Sarah go. 

Sarah phones Maxwell to see why he's late for Daniel's dinner.  He claims he's still at the gym - but he's waiting at a bar. 

Vasa joins him, dressed in her most attractive outfit.