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November 28 - December 2 2011

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Monday 28th November (4886)

Brooke enjoys her night with Vinnie, but hides it from her housemates. Brooke doesn't realise that Vinnie is keen to hide it too. Lana notes Vinnie's good mood, but his reluctance to tell is confirmed by a look from Brooke.

Finding a moment alone with Brooke, Vinnie tries to kiss her and is put out when she firmly backs him off. Lana picks up on his change in mood, and when he admits he's having issues with Brooke, Lana urges him to have it out with her.

Vinnie points out to Brooke that he'd be hassled badly if his mates found out he was with her. He offers to end it, but Brooke hooks him back in with sex. Maxwell drops in to see Nicole and when he finds a shirtless Vinnie at TK's house, he believes Nicole's lie that Vinnie was sleeping with her.

Alarmed, Vinnie later tells him the truth. Vinnie's confession is overheard by Zlata and Brooke catches her spreading the gossip. She shuts Zlata down and then dumps Vinnie.

When Gabrielle criticises Hunter's commitment to study, he's confident he can turn things around now he has drugs. However, his positivity is shaken when he learns the jewellery he stole from Roimata wasn't insured.

Determined to pay Roimata back, Jill signs up for extra shifts and Hunter's left feeling guilty and low. When Jill struggles with one of her tasks at work, she's gratified when Hunter offers to help.

There's a thaw between them, but Jill feels bad when Hunter is reprimanded by Gabrielle for slacking off yet again.

Nicole is defiant when Vasa tries to talk about her self-destructive behaviour and she insists it won't affect her work. However, her late night of drinking leads Nicole to fall asleep on the wards and she's frustrated when Vasa sends her home.

Heading to the bar, Nicole spites Maxwell by hitting on a stranger. A frustrated Vasa urges Maxwell to try and talk to Nicole, who is becoming a liability at work. He turns up at TK's and Nicole lets him think she's slept with Vinnie.

After getting the truth from his cousin, Maxwell tries to convince Nicole to punish him instead of herself. Nicole won't listen, but when Maxwell goes, she breaks down into tears.

Tuesday 29th November (4887)

Brooke minimises her breakup with Vinnie, insisting that hes a shallow party boy who will quickly bounce back.

Vinnie takes the rejection hard, not because he was in love with Brooke, but because he realises she has no respect for him, whereas she fawns over men like Callum and Chris.

Vinnie tries to make himself feel better by partying with Nicole, but neither of them have their hearts in it. When Nicole realises how down on himself Vinnie is, she gives Maxwell a heads-up that his cousin needs him. Maxwell is grateful for this small truce with Nicole, one she can't deny.

Maxwell builds on this by giving Vinnie a harsh wake-up call - if he wants to be taken seriously, he has to get serious and that means taking responsibility for his life and his career. A bruised Vinnie doesn't take the advice well.

Hunter is determined to impress Gabrielle and salvage his reputation at the hospital, fearing he could fail his course. He gives money to a pestering Bailey to leave him alone and schedules his drug-taking carefully for optimal study results.

However, Hunter's drug schedule is ruined when he is accidentally separated from his drugs. Meanwhile, Chris persuades Gabrielle to return to surgery.

Hunter has just retrieved his drugs from their hiding place in Vinnies gym bag when Gabrielle informs him he must immediately attend a pre-op consultation with her. Its hard for a strung-out Hunter to endure, and he craves his overdue hit so much that he makes excuses to sneak into the grounds to take it when he should be scrubbing in.

Hunter's return is delayed by Callum, and Gabrielle's surgery has already commenced by the time Hunter enters the operating room. She dislikes the interruption and orders him out, but a now drug-fuelled Hunter refuses to leave on the grounds that his medical career is at stake.

He loses the ensuing argument with Gabrielle and Luke, and as he exits Hunters anger explodes. Callum and Jill are shocked to witness his rage as a frenzied Hunter vandalises hospital property.

Wednesday 30th November (4888)

A shocked Callum confronts Hunter for his violent outburst. Hunter makes excuses and Callum tries to remain impartial by listening to accounts of the situation from Gabrielle, Luke and Hunter.

Hunter cites Gabrielle's ongoing inability to cope as the reason she sent him out of surgery. However, after seeing proof of the small effort Hunter has made to keep up with his course work, Callum feels he must fail Hunters placement which will put his studies back a year.

Fuelled by his drugs, Hunter is furious that Gabrielle's actions have led to this. Meanwhile, Chris encourages Gabrielle to present the research she's been working on to a colleague of his.

Gabrielle's interested and updates, in front of Hunter, that she only has her conclusion to finish before she prints the handouts. Feeling hard done by, Hunter tampers with Gabrielle's notes while she's out of the office.

Gabrielle struggles at the face to face presentation and is shocked when she discovers her notes have a very personal message repeated on the pages. Confused and embarrassed, she begins to withdraw into herself again.

Unaware Gabrielle's notes have been tampered with, Callum is very concerned by her erratic behaviour. He tells a delighted Hunter that he will need to reevaluate his decision to fail his study placement.

Evan sees Tom chatting up another girl and is concerned he may be cheating on Ula, aware she hasn't heard from him for a few days.

Evan can't tell Ula what he's seen because he doesn't want to hurt her so offers to take her to the movies to cheer her up. His romantic hopes for Ula are reawakened when she agrees.

Meanwhile,  Harry gets Natalie to agree to a date when he offers an expensive activity that he'll pay for. Evan sees Natalie is just using Harry and saves Harry from a potentially hurtful situation. Ula's impressed and Evans pleased he's won Ulas praise.

Ula insists Evans trying to protect her too - from Tom, and Evan admits he saw Tom chatting up another girl. Ula's upset and Evan is determined to give Ula a good night out to cheer her up. Evan's looking forward to it, but when Ula arrives with Tom and reveals theyre on again, Evan's romantic hopes are crushed.

Thursday 1st December (4889)

Evan is annoyed when Tom backs him off from Ula. He criticises Tom to Phoenix but Phoenix thinks Evan's crush on Ula is influencing his negative opinion of Tom.

Evan loses patience with Phoenix and Jasmine's bickering, insisting the Jasmine is driving Phoenix away with her occult obsession. Later, Evan confides to Phoenix that if he had a girlfriend he would never criticise her interests, he'd just be glad to have her.

Phoenix takes his words on board and makes up with Jasmine. Jasmine thanks Evan, sympathising with the lack of romance in his life.

Zlata is upset when Costel is taken for questioning by immigration officials. Bella feels awful for abandoning her duties as bridesmaid and offers to help before she leaves for Sydney. Zlata accepts and tasks Bella with negotiating with the butcher.

Bella finds the butcher has made a mistake in his quote which is going to upset Zlata, but Costel offers to have a word with him. Bella is unsettled when the butcher returns after his chat with Costel and offers a fifty per cent discount.

When Lana and Daniel reveal Costel's threatening behaviour towards Daniel and their belief that he is a violent war criminal, Bella is alarmed. Her worry increases when she sees Costel exerting his influence over Luke and she cancels her trip to Sydney.

Chris believes Gabrielle's logical conclusion that Hunter tampered with her notes to discredit her, and they go to Callum. Callum is outraged at the accusation and defends Hunter, who gets an angry warning from Chris to stay away from Gabrielle.

Sarah struggles to balance Tillie's childcare with her work and Roimata realises that a crèche at the hospital would help. She pitches the idea to Callum who agrees to look into it. But it isn't feasible and Jill insists that Callum re-focus on his waste reduction target, revealing that Maxwell is putting the ED further off the mark.

Callum attempts to speak with Maxwell but Maxwell is deliberately provocative and Callum makes a snap decision - telling Roimata and TK that if the ED can reach its waste reduction targets then he will look into funding for a green scheme crèche.

Maxwell challenges Callum to admit hes making false promises, but Callum retaliates by pointing out that if Maxwell continues to resist the greening of ED, he will have a staff mutiny on his hands.

Friday 2nd December (4890)

Callums offer of a creche in exchange for high recycling figures works a little too well, and Maxwell feels compromised. He takes his frustration to Rachel, whos surprised to learn of Callums unsanctioned offer.

Confronting Callum, Rachel accuses him of making promises he cant keep and firmly states the DHB wont fund his creche plan. Feeling like hes got the upper hand, Maxwell informs TK and Roimata that Callums offer is nothing but bait to get them to fall into line. TK and Roimata seek reassurance from Callum, and are irked to realise Maxwells telling the truth.

Jasmine reconnects with Phoenix, but her attention is diverted when she learns a patient shes been reading to has died. Jasmine tries to get hold of a personal possession to use in a seance, but her plans are thwarted by a well-meaning Wendy.

Jasmine recruits Ulas help with the seance, calling in a favour after helping Ula and Tom get together. Ula uneasily agrees to distract her mother while Jasmine steals a lock of hair from the dead patient. Ulas unsettled by the act, and freaks out when Jasmine starts the seance and seems to go into a trance.

Bella reveals shes decided not to go to Australia, privately determined to protect Luke from Costel. Lukes unsettled by her decision, and Chris lays out his options - tell Bella how he feels, or put up the blinkers and focus on his wedding.

Alone with Luke, Bella tries to talk about Costels threatening nature but off Chriss advice, Luke wont hear it.

Picking up wedding supplies, Bella and Luke are accidentally trapped in a walk-in freezer. Alarmed, Luke manages to get a text message off to Chris and reassures Bella theyll be okay. However, rescue is a long time coming, and their close proximity leads to a near confession of love from Luke thats interrupted by Chriss arrival.

Lukes reunited with a relieved Zlata, but his feelings for her have changed. Unable to contain it any longer, Luke finds Bella and confesses his love, and they kiss at last.

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