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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

November 23 - 27 2009

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Monday 23rd November (ep 4381)

Sid throws his weight around, stirring up trouble with Rebecca and suggesting he take over the bar. 

Sophie finds it difficult to stay strong when Daniel confronts her, admitting dismay that she's sticking with Kieran now everyone knows he's a pimp.   

Scotty is frustrated when Rebecca stands by Kieran, justifying that they're partners in a completely legal business. 

Kieran is rattled when Scotty threatens him, asserting that he's not frequenting the bar as long as Kieran is promoting prostitution and associating with his sister. 

Sid is curious to overhear Sarah berating Kieran and swearing off visiting the caff.  Kieran reluctantly hands over the I.V keys to a forceful Sid, who insists that he's the only chance Kieran has.

Yvonne is thrown when she calls Libby's hotel in Hawkes Bay and learns that neither she nor Oliver ever had a booking. 

Yvonne drops by Libby's house to speak to her, and is uneasy when Oliver claims she's out walking.

Trapped in the attic, Libby is desperate to escape a deluded Oliver.  Yvonne frets but is talked around by a reassuring Tania in spite of her own gut feeling. 

Libby learns that Oliver gave Shanti dengue fever, but when she flings accusations, Oliver becomes agitated.  

A heavily-sedated Libby takes her chance and attempts to escape Oliver's clutches, climbing down from the attic. 

Libby falls down the last rung of the ladder, attracting Oliver's attention as she makes a desperate phonecall for help. 

Yvonne is shocked when she hears sounds of a struggle on a call from Libby.  Yvonne rushes to find help and is relieved when Chris and Scotty agree to check on Libby at home. 

Peering through the door they see Oliver dragging Libby down the hall - so they force their way in.  Chris struggles to rouse a drowsy Libby. 

Scotty learns that Oliver is to blame for Shanti's dengue fever, and attacks him furiously.


Tuesday 24th November (ep 4382)

The police take Oliver into custody, and Libby is rushed to ED.  She is overwhelmed with relief at finally being safe.  However, Chris worries that Libby may be infected with other diseases.  

Gabrielle tells Scotty that the dengue had nothing to do with Shanti's ectopic pregnancy, and she awkwardly comforts him when he breaks down. 

Rachel takes charge of any media enquiries, excluding Callum.  But Callum learns that Rachel sides with him over Kieran. After-hours they have a whiskey. 

Chris and Gabrielle visit Libby, who is relieved to learn her blood test is clear.  Uncomfortable at being in the same room with Gabrielle and Libby for too long, Chris leaves. 

Libby admits to Yvonne that Oliver was her way of getting over Chris, but now Chris has rescued her she fears that she will never get over him.

Sophie learns of Kieran's deal with Sid - to secure ownership of The I.V.  She treats Sid rudely.  Kieran warns her to be civil to keep Sid onside. 

Sid runs into Morgan and offers to buy her dinner.  Sophie is angry at Sid for gossiping with Morgan, and takes her frustration with Sid out on Morgan.

Sid cheers her Morgan up. 

Tania tells Maia she's sending Nicole mixed messages.  She wants Maia to try to put Ethan's murder behind her.  Maia invites Nicole to dinner. 

Maia becomes uncomfortable when Nicole gives her own version of events, suggesting that Maia's mental health issues led her to confessing to a crime she didn't commit. 

Maia abruptly departs, leaving Nicole wondering what she has done wrong.  At home, Maia talks to Tania - she wants to tell Nicole the truth but fears driving Nicole away. 

Tania counsels against confessing but Maia decides to take a chance, and tells Nicole the truth about Ethan, admitting that she is a murderer.  

Nicole finds the truth too much to handle and runs out. 


Wednesday 25th November (ep 4383)

Burned by Nicole's, Maia wants to call in sick. Tania bullies Maia out of hiding and forces her back to work.  Maia dwells on her past deceits and feels even less deserving of love than ever.

Maia reveals to Yvonne that she told Nicole about murdering Ethan. 

Sarah questions Daniel's plan to get I.T work over summer, suspecting he's setting his sights too high.  But Daniel is confident that he can prove Sarah wrong and goes out to land a job. 

Later, Maxwell manages to enlist Sarah's help in the ED despite being condescending about the PCC.  Back in the saddle, Sarah does things her way.

Determined to prove that GP work is 'real doctoring' to Maxwell, Sarah researches ways to raise the profile of the PCC.  

Daniel arrives home after a fruitless day of job hunting. 

Nicole is deeply troubled by Maia's confession that she killed Ethan Pierce, but can't share her conflict with anyone, leaving Morgan concerned by Nicole's disastrous date with Maia. 

Meanwhile Sid tries to make himself look good to Morgan.  Morgan remains wary of Sid, not sure if she can trust him.  Sid tries to start afresh with Morgan and gives her a gift. 

Morgan continues to keep him at arm's length, put off by his pushiness.  

Sophie is worried off Sid's 'cheap drinks for Ladies' deal that Sid will run the bar into the ground. 

Later, Nicole is cheered up by Sid's friendly invitation to the Ladies' Night and encourages Morgan to give Sid a chance. 

Morgan goes to the Ladies' Night and Sid is determined to win Morgan over.  Sid kisses Morgan leaving her shocked by his audacious move.

Thursday 26th November (ep 4384)

Morgan breaks off from the kiss, appalled at Sid's gall.  Sophie informs Morgan that Sid is trouble, but Morgan can't help feeling attracted to him. 

Hunter quits his job, and Sophie worries that with Hunter gone from the I.V., her last remaining family connection has been severed. 

Hunter seeks advice from Callum, and together they decide that it would be best if Hunter keeps his job, thereby keeping a tentative connection with Sophie. 

Morgan counsels Nicole to listen to her feelings about Maia.  Nicole suggests that Morgan should follow her own advice with Sid.  

Morgan goes to Sid, and reveals that she's reluctant to enter a relationship because she fears jumping into bed too fast.  Sid is quietly confident that it's only a matter of time.

Sarah refuses to help Daniel leap the waiting list for work as an orderly.  Brooke's story about a shy patient gives Sarah the idea of setting up a PCC website.

Brooke and Sarah pitch the idea to Callum, but he turns it down, wary of the cost.  Sarah offers to get Daniel the orderly job if he agrees to help set up the PCC website. 

Chris feels like his career is stalling.  Rachel seizes on this, and unveils a proposal to make Chris part of an elite team of surgeons to perform NZ's most difficult surgeries. 

Rachel manoeuvres Chris into a lunch date, where Chris finds himself enjoying working with Rachel. 

At work, Rachel overhears that Chris will be home alone tonight.  She turns up, suggesting they work on the proposal. 

They start reminiscing, and draw closer through the shared memories.  Chris feels the return of his old feelings for Rachel.


Friday 27th November (ep 4385)

Rachel is thrilled to realise she still has a chance with Chris.  Gabrielle is suspicious when she learns Rachel paid Chris a visit earlier in the night. 

Gabrielle discusses the elite surgical proposal with Rachel, but is thrown to realise the scope of Chris' past relationship with Rachel. 

Chris asserts that he's not interested in reigniting his relationship with Rachel.  Rachel is caught out when Gabrielle explains that she's aware of her attraction to Chris, asking her not to act on it.

To her frustration, Rachel finds herself liking Gabrielle's directness.  She consoles herself with an after hours glass of whiskey. Chris is alarmed to find the alcoholic Rachel drinking again.

Daniel worries that he's out of his depth as an orderly. He finds his orientation and training boring, but is excited by the prospect of medical action. 

Daniel is told off by a frustrated Maxwell when he slips up. He clumsily causes a mess in ED and Maxwell banishes him from the department. 

Sarah is determined to hear the full story, but when Maxwell accuses her of nepotism an argument results. 

Apologising later, Maxwell bonds a little with Sarah over their shared history as failed parents. 

When Tania opts out of a date and reveals she's not over Ben, Yvonne blames herself for Tania's unhappiness. 

Yvonne is unsettled when she runs into Ben at work. Ben decides to take matters into his own hands when Yvonne refuses to tell Tania about their feelings for one another.

But when Tania talks of how much she relies on her close relationship with her Mum, Ben finds he can't be truthful with her either. 

He approaches Yvonne and asks her to plan a solo holiday in Australia, so they can secretly share some time together. Yvonne puts her fears aside and agrees to his plan.