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Shortland Street

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November 22 - 26 2010

Rena Owen

Brodie and Hunter

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Monday 22nd November ( ep4631)

Sophie is determined to prove herself by dealing with the locker shortage.  She is dismayed when Daniel's suggestion is rejected by hospital staff. 

Sophie organises a way for staff to share lockers, taking staff preferences into account. 

She and Daniel team up to collate staff preferences and allocate the shared lockers. 

Hospital staff seem happy with the result, and Sophie is pleased. 

Yvonne can't help commenting on the cute team Daniel and Sophie make, giving Sophie food for thought. 

Meanwhile, Daniel admits to TK that he's interested in Sophie romantically. 

But when h edecides to confess his part in leaking information to staff, Sophie is less than forgiving.

Chris is frustrated when Rachel suggests they liaise over the surgical tourism plan solely by email. 

He tries to press for a face-to-face meeting but Rachel continues to give him the brush off. 

Chris refuses to accept this and takes the issue to Callum.  Callum is annoyed as he knows Chris is insinuating Rachel's avoidance is due to her still having feelings for him. 

Addressing the matter with Rachel, Callum insists she agree to meet with Chris - it's important she be able work with Chris on a professional level. 

Backed into a corner, Rachel has to agree.  Chris is pleased, looking forward to time alone with Rachel.

But Isaac cautions him against pressuring Rachel - time to play softly, softly.

Maia is unnerved to observe closeness between Nicole and Jennifer and can't help wondering whether there is truth to Isaac's claim that Nicole has a crush on Jennifer. 

Nicole notices that Maia is acting strangely and calls her on it. 

Nicole teases her about Jennifer, implying that Maia has a similar crush on the attractive surgeon. 

Nicole is surprised when Maia joins in on the joke.  In the meantime, Jennifer's pleased when she is assigned Maia as her locker partner. 

Nicole decides to play a prank on Maia by leaving a note in Maia's locker, unaware Jennifer now has access. 

Jennifer is hurt and angry to discover she is the butt of Nicole and Maia's ongoing joke.


Tuesday 23rd November (ep 4632)

Maia and Nicole are uneasy to realise that Jennifer has probably read the note when Maia reveals she and Jennifer are sharing a locker. 

Jennifer contemplates her options when Isaac suggests laying a formal complaint about the note. 

Nicole urges Maia not to mention the note to Jennifer, but Maia worries that ignoring the issue isn't going to solve anything. 

Maia is humiliated when Jennifer admits to seeing the note.  Maia apologises. 

Nicole frets that she's going to look like the bad guy when Maia reveals she's already apologised to Jennifer. 

Nicole tries to apologise herself, but Jennifer doesn't want to hear it.

Nicole is upset to realise Maia's good deed has soured her friendship with Jennifer.

Bella is surprised to realise that Luke has serious designs on Tania. 

Rafe is given pause when Bella confirms Luke's crush.  Seeing Luke is besotted, Rafe commits to helping Luke win Tania. 

Tania considers reading Rafe's book when Yvonne reveals all his book profits go to charity. 

Tania compliments Rafe on his book, but Rafe purposefully downplays for Luke's benefit and convinces Tania to go on a date with a thrilled Luke.

Callum covers his insecurities when he sets up Sophie to spy, suggesting that she sit in and take notes during Chris and Rachel's meeting. 

Rachel is guarded when Chris arrives to the meeting. Chris plays professional for her benefit. 

Sophie is puzzled when Rachel overreacts to the suggestion of morning tea, suspecting that Chris is trying to set up a romantic situation. 

Rachel goes for coffee and is frustrated when she returns to find Callum checking up on her with Sophie. 

Rachel tentatively hopes that she can trust Chris to remain professional, and allows Sophie to leave. 

Callum is uneasy to realise that Chris and Rachel are working alone together. 

Rachel covers her frustration when Callum eavesdrops, trying to discover if the meeting has turned intimate. 

Rachel is irritated with Callum, and Chris is quick to force a confrontation with Rachel about their feelings for each other. 

Overhearing the argument, Daniel arrives, leading Chris to depart. 

A distressed Rachel is left even more confused about her feelings.


Wednesday 24th November (ep 4633)

Chris arrives home upset and angry.  He vents to Isaac, finally deciding to move on from Rachel. 

When Rachel tells all, Callum girds his loins for a fight with Chris. 

But the next day, Callum gets no joy when Chris quietly takes his punishment, refusing to fight back. 

Sophie subtly warns Chris in the elevator to leave her family alone. 

Chris is determined to keep his heart hard towards Rachel. 

Callum offers Rachel a chance to escape Chris by sending her to the USA to attend the surgical tourism conference.  

Rachel feels conflicted about running away but decides leaving is the best thing for everyone.  

She tries to apologise to Chris and is upset when he makes it clear he wants nothing more to do with her. 

Bella despairs that relations between Brodie and Murray are at an all time low. 

But Wendy gives Bella some advice on handling Murray - make him feel useful. 

Bella gets Brodie to solicit Murray's help fixing a leaking pipe at the flat.

Wendy's advice proves correct and Brodie and Murray begin to bond over the DIY job - then Murray finds a major rot problem. 

The landlady is called in and decides it's time to sell the flat, plunging Brodie into his flatmate's bad books.

Tania's in denial over her growing fascination with Rafe.  

Luke is nervous about Tania's arrival for his "birthday", but Luke encourages him to be himself. 

Tania finds it strange that she's the only guest at Luke's party, but Rafe smoothes over her concerns. 

Luke reads too much into Tania's polite interest in his taxidermy, and believes he's making romantic progress. 

Tania is moved when Rafe turns out to be far deeper than she thought.

Luke makes an overwhelming declaration of his feelings to Tania, who quickly sets him straight - she's not interested. 

Deflated, Luke admits it's not even is birthday.  Tania is unimpressed and leaves. 

Rafe's heart goes out to his brother when he sees how hurt Luke is.

He goes to Tania's to plead his brother's case, but Tania admits it's Rafe she's attracted to, not Luke. 

Tania is shocked when Rafe says he can't return her feelings, because it would devastate his brother.

Thursday 25th November (ep 4634)

Tania laments that she and Rafe will never be together because of Luke. 

Yvonne feels for Tania and tells Luke that Rafe and Tania have feelings for each other but that Rafe is keeping his distance out of loyalty to Luke. 

Luke reacts badly and Yvonne fears that she's made things worse. 

However, when Luke realises that he is standing in the way of Tania's happiness he gives his blessing to Rafe and Tania, delighting Rafe.

Tracey encourages Scotty to try and contact his mum and invite her to the wedding. 

However, Scotty refuses leaving Tracey concerned. 

Scotty feels a twinge when Tracey's parents' generosity reminds him of the importance of family. 

But it's not enough to convince him to look for his mother and, when Tracey pushes too far, he tells her the real reason he's not interested in finding his mother - she is a drug addict who chose her addiction over her family.

Maxwell is irritated when a patient assumes he is an orderly. 

Later, he's annoyed when Nicole makes superficial judgements about a patient, Vince, who has been the victim of a shooting. 

He was shot by a woman, Kim, who also arrives in the E.D. 

She claims that Vince attempted to rape her and she shot him in self-defence. 

However, Maxwell doesn't believe that Kim's story fits with Vince's injuries. 

He attempts to challenge Kim but Nicole intervenes, preventing him from doing so. 

Tracey points out that Nicole is siding with Kim because Maia carried out her own revenge killing of Ethan Pierce. 

This gives Maxwell a new perspective on Nicole's attitude. 

He's further unsettled when he learns that TK and Sarah slept together before Sarah left for Boston. 

Back in the E.D, Isaac confirms Maxwell's suspicions that Kim's story doesn't stack up.

Maxwell confronts Kim who is protected by Nicole and TK. 

Furious that they are keeping him from uncovering the truth, Maxwell loses his temper and orders Nicole and TK out of the E.D.


Friday 26th November (ep 4635) 

Maia is shocked to learn that Maxwell has kicked TK and Nicole out of ED. 

She decides to address the matter by talking to Maxwell. 

TK is unsatisfied and declares he will complain directly to Callum. 

Maia's talk with Maxwell comes to nought as he is defensive and rudely dismisses her. 

Vince is impressed and believes Maxwell shares his misogynistic view of women. 

He opens up to Maxwell, leading to a full confession: Vince raped Kim's sister and she shot him in revenge. 

Maxwell is able to capture a recording of Vince's confession on his phone which he hands over to police. 

When he is called to Callum's office to address Nicole and TK's complaints, Maxwell reveals that his non-judgemental stance led to a confession. 

Nicole realises she owes Maxwell an apology for letting her own emotional issues drive her actions, and Maxwell realises he has done the same thing. 

He apologises to TK, explaining that he was caught off-guard by irrational jealousy of Sarah and TK's closeness before she left. 

TK is disarmed and the two men call a truce.

Hunter learns that the building their flat is in is up for sale, leading him to question the legality of a mere two weeks' notice of eviction. 

Brodie, however, realises the asking price is a bargain and tries to encourage Hunter to help find a group of investors so they can buy the building together.

Isaac is furious with Rachel for her cruel treatment of Chris. 

When he learns she is going away on another hospital junket he wonders whether he can sabotage the trip, believing that Rachel doesn't deserve to escape the consequences of her actions so easily. 

He contacts Shane Tucker, who insists that Callum take the trip instead of Rachel.

When Chris queries the tension between Scotty and Tracey, Scotty reveals his decision not to contact his mother Hine. 

Chris brings up his own difficult family history and points out that no family is perfect but that time can heal wounds. 

Challenged, Scotty attempts to search for his mother but gives up when he unearths a shoplifting conviction from several years ago. 

Refusing to let him be put off, Tracey does her own research through police contacts and finds out that after a short jail term, Hine changed her surname and has stayed out of trouble since. 

Scotty is unconvinced but can't resist going to the address Tracey has provided. 

He catches a glimpse of his mother, but then discovers that the address is a halfway house for drug and alcohol addicts. 

Deciding against making contact, Scotty lies to Tracey that his mother has moved on.

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