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November 15 - 19 2010

Dr Jennifer Maison

Maia and Nicole - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 15th November ( ep4626)

Yvonne is unaware of Russell's motivations when he offers her Spanish lessons.

Russell plants his wallet in her bag and then invites himself over to the Jeffries' apartment to collect it.  

Yvonne's curiosity is piqued by Russell's behaviour but he beats a quick retreat when he learns that JJ's trike is at the surgical nurses' station.

Sarah and TK avoid speaking their minds and enjoy their happy afternoon in bed together. 

They lie to themselves when Sarah sticks to her plan to leave, ignoring the strong emotions between them. 

However, Sarah contemplates cancelling her trip to be with TK when she discusses her feelings with an unimpressed Daniel. 

TK doubts his own assertions when Daniel questions his feelings for Sarah, wondering if TK really thinks he and Sarah will last the test of time. 

TK makes a hard call when he insists that Sarah go to Boston, certain he's done the right thing for both of them.

Chris is shell-shocked when he returns from Australia to be met by Rachel who reveals that she's staying with Callum. 

Chris vows to win Rachel back, no matter what.  Rachel clings to the belief she's made the right decision choosing Callum.

Chris's determination to win Rachel back results in a generous gesture towards Isaac when he offers to loan him money towards his boat costs.

Isaac realises he's very much in Chris's debt. 

Next morning, Chris tries to talk Rachel around, but seethes when Callum makes a firm claim on her and backs Chris off. 

Chris is irritated to learn that Callum has stopped Isaac assisting on private surgeries, assuming it's a way of getting back at Chris. 

He confronts Callum about it, and is rocked when Callum reveals Isaac's blackmail attempt on Rachel.

Tuesday 16th November (ep 4627)

Chris is furious with Isaac after Callum's revelation, asserting that Isaac forced Rachel's hand and made her stay with Callum. 

Isaac defends that he was desperate for money.

Chris warns him off blaming Rachel, insisting that he intends to win her back, with Isaac's support.

When Chris confers with Jennifer over Isaac's recent work record, he persuades her that Callum has been too harsh in his punishment.

He overrules Callum and restores Isaac's private surgeries.  Feeling bolstered, Chris tries to get time alone with Rachel, but she avoids him.

Chris has a proposal for attracting American surgical tourism to Shortland Street that will force Rachel to work closely with him next week.

Tania chafes as sibling rivalry rears its head, with Maia criticising her handling of the Director of Nursing role. 

Chatting with Luke gives Tania some positive insight into her own sibling issues, and she warms to him as a friend, sympathising when Rafe puts Luke down. 

Russell enters the hospital with a cover story, trying to find JJ's trike. 

However, he arouses the suspicion of staff members which forces him to do a runner. All but Yvonne think he is a thief. 

His interest in the trike is noted, and when Luke and Rafe learn that the trike is a gift from Peru, Rafe has a theory that drugs may have been incorporated into the plastic for later extraction. 

Luke runs tests which prove Rafe correct - JJ's trike contains at least a kilo of cocaine. 

They are alarmed to learn that Yvonne has taken it home, and fear she may be in danger. 

A waiting Russell mugs Yvonne outside the hospital, and Luke and Tania rush to her aid. 

Luke overcomes and restrains Yvonne's attacker.  Tania praises his heroics, but Luke downplays his role in Russell's arrest. 

Tania rewards Luke with a thank you kiss and an invitation for a drink that night, from which the smitten Luke takes far too much encouragement. 


Wednesday 17th November (ep 4628)

Nicole teases Tania when she discovers Tania has agreed to have a drink with Luke. 

Tania ignores Nicole's teasing and insists Luke won't get the wrong idea. 

However, Luke has already got the wrong idea - he is nervous about the date but Chris encourages him to go for the girl he wants. 

Bolstered, Luke meets with Tania but is disappointed when Rafe arrives and joins them, spoiling any chance for romance. 

Tania realises they are right when Luke brings her an over-the-top gift by way of apology for their "spoiled" date. 

She decides to clarify boundaries with Luke and lets him down gently by claiming that she is not in the market for romance because she has given up on love for now.

Hunter's data-mining of current patient files confirms his theory that Ferndale residents are suffering due to pesticide poisoning. 

He needs more proof before approaching Maxwell a second time, especially as his data is based on stolen patient files. 

Daniel accompanies Hunter to Mr Byrne's vineyard, where they trespass in order to gather the necessary soil samples. 

Hunter is spotted by a vineyard worker and the boys have to make a quick getaway. 

Unfortunately Hunter's efforts come to nil as the soil samples test negative for any pesticide. 

Daniel encourages Hunter not to give up, and Hunter comes up with a new theory: Legionnaire's disease. 

He takes his findings to Maxwell who is forced to consider that Hunter may be right. 

Maxwell covers for Hunter with Callum, claiming he gave Hunter the patient files to work from. 

Hunter is relieved and he teams up with Maxwell to discover the source of the Legionnaire's disease.

Tracey is concerned by Scotty's pigheaded decision not to take his medication. 

She is grateful when TK offers to talk some sense into Scotty. 

Scotty is at first resistant to TK's overtures but eventually opens up, revealing that taking meds scares him as it robs him of his identity. 

An understanding TK counsels Scotty to talk things through with a psychiatrist. 

Scotty thanks TK and an optimistic TK assures Tracey that Scotty is ready to seek the medical help his needs. 

But when Tracey suggests Scotty make a psychiatric appointment he refuses. 

He instead tells her that talking to TK helped him get emotional issues off his chest and he feels much better. 

Incensed, Tracey threatens to call off the wedding if Scotty continues to avoid the medical help he needs.

Thursday 18th November (ep 4629)

When Tracey can't find Scotty after their fight, she looks for him at TK's. 

She's reached rock bottom and both she and TK decide that Scotty needs serious help. 

Scotty turns up having played a game of squash with Chris without even mentioning the fight to his friend. 

Tracey, TK and Chris are deeply concerned and decide that they need to stage an intervention. 

When they confront Scotty he is angry, but gets talked around by his friends into getting treatment when he learns how close he is to losing Tracey. 

Scotty's psychiatrist gives him a new treatment plan which he responds to, leaving both him and Tracey hopeful he's on the mend.

Hunter and Maxwell combine forces to find the source of the Legionnaires' outbreak. 

When initial tests come back negative, they think they've located the source at a pond at the community sports field. 

But the old pond has dried up, leaving them at a dead end. 

When Hunter trips over a sprinkler system, Maxwell correctly guesses that this is the source of the problem. 

Callum is impressed and reinstates his research project. 

Maxwell counsels Hunter that while he has done well, he can't try to make amends this way for every mistake he makes or every patient he loses in he medical career. 

If he does, he won't survive.  Hunter finally accepts this and also returns the stolen files. 

The TVs are a hit in the I.V. but Murray is put under more pressure to upgrade them to larger ones. 

He successfully manages to dissuade Callum from doing this until he breaks one. 

Callum insists that the TV lessor replace them with big screens. 

Murray struggles to find a solution and when Bella learns of her father's predicament she worries to Brodie that he can't afford to replace them. 

Brodie does his best to cover for Murray but Callum smells a rat, forcing Brodie to tell the truth.

Murray decides to come clean and tell Callum himself but instead he walks into Brodie telling Callum that he's too poor to replace the TV's. 

Brodie's mortified to be sprung betraying Murray. 

Friday 19th November (ep 4630)

Bella can't get straight answers about what happened between Murray and Brodie. 

Brodie eventually tells her: he told Callum about her family's financial hardship. 

Bella knows this is the most sensitive issue for Murray, and despairs they'll never get along. 

But Brodie's determined to mend his rift with the Coopers. 

He enlists Bella to convince Murray to take Wendy to the I.V for dinner. 

Brodie is their waiter, and although things get off to a tense start, Murray is quietly won around by Brodie's charm.

But when the bill arrives, Murray finds Brodie has already paid. He loses it, yelling at Brodie for this latest dose of patronising charity. 

Sophie gets a warning from Rachel about the importance of confidentiality - she's unaware Daniel has just read a draft memo about making staff share their lockers. 

Daniel opens a can of worms when he warns Yvonne about the locker memo. 

Word gets round the hospital, and staff accost Rachel about the locker memo.

Rachel is unimpressed by the leaked memo, and challenges Sophie to redress the situation. 

Sophie tries to issue a new memo to ally staff concerns but just makes the matter worse. 

Daniel finds her upset, rattled when he learns he's responsible.
Maia feels excluded when Nicole heads off to play netball with Jennifer without her. 

At work, Jennifer disagrees when Isaac advises a crash victim's foot be cut off, insisting she can save the patient's leg. 

Nicole worries when she recognises the crash patient as a nurse from Central she played netball with. 

Jennifer comforts Nicole, and Isaac is intrigued by their closeness. 

Mid operation, Jennifer starts to doubt whether she can save the leg, but Nicole speaks out in support. 

Jennifer convinces herself to continue, but when she continues to struggle, she realises she's made the wrong call: Isaac was right. 

Nicole is stung when Maia criticises her behaviour in theatre. 

Isaac is furious when Nicole undermines him in front of Chris, accusing him of bad mouthing Jennifer behind her back. 

Maia feels rejected when Nicole remains distant, and makes after-work plans with Jennifer. 

Isaac pays Nicole back for her insolence by telling Maia that Nicole and Jennifer are hot for each other.