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A new life for Murray?

Cat (Roz Turnbull) with Murray (Matt Chamberlain) - Shortland Street on TV2

Murray Cooper (Matt Chamberlain) is faced with a life-altering choice on Shortland Street this week when a holiday away also offers an opportunity for a new life away from Ferndale.

Murray is feeling down about his estrangement from his kids, so his new girlfriend Cat (Roz Turnbull) arranges a trip away to a surprise destination to help him relax.

Murray is stoked when they arrive at a country pub, exactly the kind of place he's always wanted to own.

He's shocked when Cat reveals that the pub is for sale and she offers Murray the chance to finally live out his dream of running a pub out in the country.

With his relationship with his kids at an all-time low, Murray is sorely tempted by Cat's offer.

Will he choose his dream life with Cat over his family?

Meanwhile Roz Turnbull caught up with Good Morning recently to talk about her role on Shortland Street and she insist's that Cat is no homewrecker.

"It's a love story. She fell in love with him," says Turnbull. "She gave him the opportunity to say no and he didn't."

Turnbull confessed her character has received a lot of flak since the Coopers' marriage split.

"It is hard when you're coming in and breaking up a family that is respected," she admits. "Wendy is the moral backbone of Shortland Street, so it couldn't get much worse."

But Turnbull stresses that Cat does feel for Wendy and the Cooper kids. "She does have sympathy for them....she's not a hard cold you-know-what." 

Whatever Murray's decision, Turnbull says that "[Cat] is a taste of the life that could be."

Watch Roz's Good Morning interview below:



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