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Moving on

Ben Mitchell plays TK Samuels - Shortland Street on TV2

With the tragic death of his ex-wife Roimata Ngatai, TK Samuels (Ben Mitchell) is left to face his grief alone with his partner Sarah and daughter Tillie still away in Chicago.

As he returns to work, TK struggles with grief for Roimata made worse by guilt that he should have done something to stop Josh sooner.

Ben Mitchell says that not having Sarah’s support during such a tough time is making the grieving process even tougher for TK.

“Not having Sarah and Tillie near him really compounds TK’s emotions,” Mitchell explains.

“He’s all alone while he mourns the loss of Roimata and not having his loved-ones near him really makes the battle a lot harder to deal with.”

Mitchell also says that TK can’t help blaming himself for the events leading to the bach explosion and Roimata’s death.

“He really beats himself up for the fact that he couldn’t do more to prevent it all from happening.”

The ED doctor channels that grief and frustration into his work, but his harsh new rules quickly upset his colleagues.

TK soon finds himself on the outer with the very friends trying to support him, including temporary flatmate Harper.

With no one else to turn to, he finds solace in a surprising new friendship. But it’s one that could have dangerous consequences…



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