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May 30 - June 3 2011

Ula is attracted to bad boy Holden - Shortland Street TV2

Maxwell and Nicole - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 30th May (ep 4748/4749) One-hour episode

Brooke flees from Winston - only to be stopped in her tracks when her mother arrives.

Brooke's sceptical when Annette claims shes here to make amends.

But Brooke isn't impressed by Annette's lame attempt to apologise.

She's also growing increasingly disturbed by Winston's investment in her relationship with Annette.

When Brooke demands answers, Annette reveals Winston shares a past with the Freemans that goes back to Brooke's childhood - Winston was the son of their housekeeper.

Brooke learns that Winston was brought up believing he wasn't good enough to talk to or even look at Brooke.

Realising this is the root of his devotion to her, she's daunted by the power she holds over him.

She's further shocked when Annette reveals she stood by and did nothing while Winston's mother abused him as a child.

Hunter decides to sort out the noise coming from neighbouring apartment and is thrown to find that Callum has moved in.

When Callum hears Hunter and Jill haven't yet reconciled, he decides to play cupid.

He calls Jill to invite her round the next day to collect some shoes she left at Hunter's place.

Jill uses the call as an excuse to leave her apartment for the evening - so she can get away from Regan.

Gabrielle hopes she's making the right choice in approving Jonathon's surgery.

But when Shane finds out it's going ahead, he voices his disapproval, warning her that Chris is manipulating her.

Gabrielle is rattled and Shane apologises, assuring he cares about her and wants to protect her from unwarranted criticism.

When Gabrielle observes a close moment between Rachel, Chris and Jonathon pre-surgery, it further confirms Shane's warning.

Gabrielle is nervous going into the operation, and when she encounters a problem she freezes in panic, throwing Jonathon's life into peril.

Brooke is appalled that her mother failed to protect Winston from his abusive mother.

She sympathises with Winston who can't persuade Brooke that he doesn't want to talk about his childhood beatings.

When Brooke persists, Winston flees the bach.

Brooke enlists Annette's help to look for Winston but is disappointed to find that Annette has returned early and started drinking.

Annette makes excuses and insists that she wants to repair her relationship with Brooke but Brooke doesn't believe her.

Annette recalls that Winston and his mother moved to a house in the area after leaving the Marsdens' employ.

Brooke's encouraged by this but is disappointed when she learns that Winston's mother has died.

Annette and Brooke are relieved to finally find Winston at his mother's grave.

Brooke praises Winston for his bravery in surviving his mother's abuse but Winston defends his mother.

Brooke admires Winston's capacity for love and acceptance.

It prompts Brooke to make a small step towards accepting Annette the way she is - addiction and all.

Hoping to reconcile Hunter and Jill, Callum arranges for them to be at his apartment at the same time.

Hunter and Jill realise they've been set up and it's awkward at first, but they eventually break the ice and begin to enjoy each other's company.

Hunter admits that he still cares for Jill and wants to reconcile.

This prompts Jill to reveal her kiss with Regan and Hunter reacts badly.

Their reconciliation is left in tatters and Callum is dismayed that his plan hasn't worked.

Gabrielle is adamant that she made a mistake agreeing to Jonathon's operation and cannot continue.

However, Chris manages to convince Gabrielle to carry on.

Gabrielle wants to tell Rachel about her loss of confidence but Chris doesnt want to upset Rachel unnecessarily and covers that the surgery went smoothly.

Gabrielle is uneasy and confides in Shane.

They reconcile and Gabrielle decides that Rachel needs to know what happened.

Rachel is furious that Chris kept Gabrielle's lapse from her and Chris comforts that Jonathon will be okay.

Tuesday 31st May (ep 4750) 

Rachel is furious at Gabrielle, blaming her for Jonathon's blindness.

Gabrielle also blames herself, but Shane won't let her quit and he bolsters her to keep trying to discover the cause.

Annoyed that Rachel and Chris are giving Gabrielle grief, Shane insists Chris be professional and support her despite his personal interest in the case.

Chris knows that Shane is right and does his best to support Gabrielle, backing Rachel off.

Rachel is annoyed that Chris is siding with Gabrielle but Chris points out that Rachel's energy is best spent helping Jonathon recover - not blaming Gabrielle.

Tracey and Scotty make plans for romance, both aware that Tracey is ovulating.

Wendy deals with a sensitive case. The patient's daughter Donna is upset by the aggressive treatment plan and complains to Tracey.

Wendy is annoyed when Tracey supersedes her to follow Donna's wishes.

She wants to make Mrs Huntley as comfortable as possible in her final days instead of prolonging her life.

Not satisfied, Wendy takes the matter to Scotty, who agrees that Wendy is in the right.

Tracey is annoyed but Scotty points out that she needs to trust her staff - the duty manager role is supposed to be hands-off.

Later, Scotty tries for romance at home and he's disappointed when Tracey is too angry due to their work disagreement.

Bella misses Brodie more than ever when she receives a loving postcard.

She's still distrustful of Regan, who decides to try and win her over.

He assures Bella he only ever tried to help Brodie.

Later, Bella's suspicions are reignited when she witnesses Regan entertaining a rough-looking customer.

Murray allays her suspicions by revealing that Regan is cagey because he's trying to keep the fact he has cancer secret.

Bella feels awful for misjudging Regan - until she finds he's been ducking out on his commitment to read to children with cancer.

Doing some digging, Bella discovers that Regan's cousin was similarly diagnosed with the same rare cancer.

The odds of this are extremely slim and super-sleuth Bella accuses Regan of faking his illness.

Wednesday 1st June (ep 4751) 

Regan spins a plausible tale to convince Bella that he does have cancer.

As part of the story, he reveals his criminal past and Bella reports this to Murray.

Murray confronts Regan who defends that he's a changed man and apologises for keeping his past a secret.

Murray relents and Regan is relieved but he's determined to shut down Bella's suspicions for good.

Bella continues to investigate Regan and Wendy and Murray are concerned by her paranoia.

Regan feigns a bad turn which convinces Bella that he does have cancer.

Roimata is intrigued by the new dynamic in Brooke and Winston's relationship.

She jokingly suspects that they hooked up while they were away and are now in a relationship.

When Brooke buys flowers for Jonathon, Roimata mistakenly believes that they are for Winston and encourages his romantic hopes.

However, he realises they were never intended for him.

Gabrielle and Chris determine that Jonathon is suffering from hysterical blindness, a psychological condition.

The best treatment is to lie to Jonathon and make him believe that they are dealing with a physical problem.

But Rachel takes exception to the deception and Chris and Gabrielle work hard to turn her around.

Rachel finally agrees to go along with the plan but she's very uncomfortable.

However, when the plan fails and Jonathon is distressed, Rachel wants to pull the plug.

Chris convinces her to give the deception one more go but Rachel fears that Chris is covering for Gabrielle's lapse in surgery.

She confronts Chris and Gabrielle, unaware that Jonathon has heard everything and that his chance of recovery is ruined.

Thursday 2nd June (ep 4752) 

A shocked and angry Jonathon feels he has been betrayed by his doctors, and rejects their help.

He also rejects Rachel, and she and Chris fight about it, leaving Chris realising how much he's let Rachel down.

Jonathon insists he will leave hospital and travel overseas to find better surgeons, refusing to believe his blindness should be treated by psychiatrists.

However when he tries to leave the hospital without assistance, Jonathon finds his lack of sight overwhelming.

He's forced to rely on his sister's help after all.

Jill knows nothing about Regan's staged bout of vomiting until Murray visits to check on his health.

Jill tries to persuade a 'sick' Regan him to see a doctor.

When she fails, Hunter has a better idea and makes peace with Jill by getting Callum to make a house call.

Callum is concerned that Regan isn't seeing a specialist oncologist.

He prescribes an anti-nausea drug and is pleased to note that Hunter has patched things up with Jill.

Regan makes a show of gratitude to Jill for her support, and is pleased to reinforce his position in her life.

Maxwell makes it clear that Ula can't go to a concert with the other kids until her homework assignment is completed.

She keeps ignoring Holden's persistent messages and works hard, but discovers she needs an extra handout and asks Phoenix if she can borrow his.

Jasmine delivers it, before running into Holden, who is hanging around trying to reconnect with Ula.

He learns from Jasmine that Ula has pretended to have slept with him, and decides it;s time to take it to the next level.

He visits Ula and talks his way inside, obliging her to lie to Maxwell when he phones her about overtime he has been asked to work.

Confident they have the place to themselves, Holden tries to get physical but Ula doesnt want this.

However, this time Holden won't take no for an answer - he forcefully grabs Ula and demands sex, terrifying her.

Friday 3rd June (ep 4753)

Ula manages to fight off Holden and scares him by threatening to call the police.

Ashamed and shaken from her ordeal, she chooses to keep the attack secret from Maxwell and Nicole.

Ula receives a nasty text from Holden and is afraid of being alone.

When Maxwell and Nicole are too busy to spend the day with her, Ula tries Evan instead.

Evan is shocked by Holden's threatening text and insists that Ula tell Maxwell.
Evan catches Holden following Ula and stands his ground when Holden gets nasty.

Ula is thankful for Evan's staunch stand sees him in a new light.

An embarrassed Scotty demands that Tracey keep their life private when he overhears her confiding in Wendy about their sex life.

Nicole thinks Scotty and Tracey need some help on the romance front and Wendy fails to stonewall her devious schemes.

Tracey and Scotty are taken in by Wendy and Nicole's plan.

Tracey believes Scotty wants her to meet him at the I.V. wearing nothing but her coat.

Aroused by Scotty's daring, Tracey complies.

When Scotty discovers the truth of Tracey's attire he is shocked but they both can't wait to get home and indulge in passion.

Scotty is appalled to realise their love tryst was a set up by Nicole and Wendy but Tracey assures him it was worth it.

TK has passed his consultancy exam and looks forward to new challenges in the ED.

Maxwell thinks it's about time he gave TK more responsibility and TK is determined to prove himself.

But TK is frustrated when Maxwell takes over TK's patient when TK fails to complete a thorough check.

Roimata bolsters TK to have faith in himself - and to challenge Maxwell to allow him autonomy.

Encouraged, TK makes the difficult call to delay treatment so that an elderly patient can talk to his wife first.

Maxwell disagrees with TKs decision but TK stands by his choice.

The patient goes in to cardiac arrest just as the wife arrives. TK fears his delay may cost a life.

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