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Shortland Street

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March on Shorty Street

This month Ferndale welcomes some new faces to town! They all hold secrets that are sure to make waves for some of our favourite residents.

Kylie (Kerry-Lee Dewing) makes a life changing decision to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction following results of her genetic testing - but the operation doesn't go to plan when Drew (Ben Barrington) suffers fatigue during the surgery.

Drew finds himself in the firing line again.

Facing her own uncertain future, Norelle (Luanne Gordon) makes one last request of her daughter, which leaves Kylie stunned. Will she help her mother one last time?


We meet the Nathans this month. Kate (Laurel Devenie) and Blue (Tash Keddy) are set to make waves for the residents on Ferndale.

When Kate comes to Ferndale in search of a job as a nurse, it doesn't sit well with Nicole (Sally Martin), who has a past history with the new arrival. Will Nicole give Kate a second chance?

Blue, Kate's son also makes waves by stealing from the café, but when confronted by Jack (Reuben Milner), Blue reveals that all is not what it first appears! 


Love doesn't always run smoothly - and this is all too true for two of our residents, when Dayna and George's love bubble bursts.

Dayna discovers they both have very different ideas about the future when George shows no interest in saving for a house, she is even more shocked when he reveals he doesn't want kids.

What lengths will Dayna go to the change his mind, and do her plans backfire on her?


When new handsome doctor Finn Connolly (Lukas Whiting) arrives at the PSC, rumours of his playboy ways quickly circulate the hospital.

He is labelled the new Doctor Love – a reputation that fellow PSC surgeon Chris has finally put to bed.

But does Finn have more in common with Chris than Chris realises?