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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

March 26 - 30 2012

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

TK Samuels and Roimata Ngatai - Shortland Street TV2

Vasa (Teuila Blakely) - Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 26th March (4951)

Chris refuses to allow Hayley to stay, bundling her off to a hotel. Phoenix thinks his father is heartless. He appeals to Rachel who stands by Chris.

Hayley seeks out Phoenix, manipulates him into thinking that she still needs his help.

Despite being prepared, Phoenix throws his maths test and successfully appeals to Rachel for Hayley to return as his tutor.

Hoping to empower Daniel, Lana brings him Bella's computer to fix but, Daniel feels like he doesn't have the skills anymore.

Lana rallies, convincing Murray to offer Daniel patsy work at the IV.

Daniel initially thinks he can't do it, but Sarah's reservations spur him to do his best and prove her wrong.

But the job proves too hard for Daniel to handle, throwing him into confusion and anger. Murray dismisses him, revealing he was only doing Lana a favour.

Feeling useless, Daniel vents at Lana. Sarah reprimands him for treating people badly. Daniel fixes Bella's computer, and apologises to Lana.

Exhausted from dealing with moody Daniel, Lana looks forward to a girls night out with Bella.

But when Daniel invites her over for a quiet boring night in, she feels like she can't refuse. Shes beginning to feel trapped.

Gossip amongst the nurses leads Zac to fear Vasa's return. Vasa feels a zing when she sees Zac alone at the bar and gets the mistaken impression he's single.

Off Vasas good mood, Nicole becomes obsessed with the possibility Vasas had a holiday romance.

Vasa finds Zac's dyscalculia a non-issue, and they bond when Vasa talks about her cousins battle with cancer.

Nicole and Vinnie attempt a prank by printing a photo of Vasa and her holiday fling on a coffee mug. But Zac knows the man is Vasa's very ill cousin.

Protective of Vasa, Zac attempts to confiscate the mug, but only draws it to her attention. Vasa becomes upset, so Zac invites her along to dinner.

Vasa lets herself fall for Zac, unaware he's taken.

Tuesday 27th March (4952)

A happy Vasa anticipates her date with Zac, and Ula's excited for her. Vasa arrives to meet Zac at the bar, but is mortified to realise he's actually in a relationship with Sarah.

Ula presses for details of the date, and feels for her mum when Vasa reports her date was already in a relationship. At work, Zac stands up for Vasa to Vinnie and Nicole.

Forced to work with Zac, Vasa does her best to stay out of his orbit and this doesnt go unmissed by Ula, who wishes she could help her mother secure love.

Vasa learns Zac has been battling for her, and is pained as her attraction to him grows.

In spite of TK's positivity about the swabbing programme, Roimata is irritated Henare is delaying getting the books to her.

Henare continues to make excuses about getting the budgets in order, and is alarmed to learn Roimata has been checking the accounts.

He tries to explain away extra spending, but Roimata doesn't buy it. She urges TK to keep a closer eye on Henare, warning he could land him in financial hot water.

Frustrated that TK is now on his case, Henare urges him to come and work a day in the field before he starts pinching pennies. TK agrees to the plan, but Roimata's left still suspicious.

Chris is frustrated to learn Rachel has invited Hayley back into the house to tutor Phoenix.

He puts up with her while Phoenix prepares to re-sit a test, but quickly dispatches her once the tutoring is complete.

Hayley's thwarted, but manages to find another foothold when she garners support for her charity from Rachel.

Chris is thrown when Rachel informs him they're hosting a charity dinner for Hayley, and Hayley wins family support by giving gifts of thanks.

Hayley's genuine emotion over her charity causes Chris to drop his defences momentarily, but he reacts badly when she invades his personal space.

Chris ejects Hayley from the house, leaving Rachel stunned by his unjustified anger.

Wednesday 28th March (4953)

Rachel is troubled by Chris' outburst but takes him at his word when he insists that Hayley was flirting with him.

Phoenix is annoyed when Rachel takes Chris' side and agrees that Hayley cannot continue to be his tutor.

Hayley apologises, claiming she and Chris had a misunderstanding and Rachel feels sympathetic towards her.

But when Seth calls Chris' relationship with Hayley into question Rachel fears that Chris has been unfaithful again.

She confronts Chris who reassures her thats not the case. Rachel believes him but Chris is unsettled when he receives another visit from Hayley .

To get rid of her, he hastily offers to cover the cost of her hotel. But hes unaware that Phoenix has made contact with Hayley and intends to continue seeing her.

Talking about the future has Ula querying where her relationship with Evan is headed. Evans thrown to realise Ulas talking about sex and, nervous, finds excuses to avoid her.

Confused, Ula assumes its because shes pregnant but Evan instead reveals his inexperience. Ulas relieved, revealing she only raised the issue because she didnt want to disappoint Evan.

Evan reassures hell still love Ula whether they have sex or not, and, heartwarmed, Ula decides to forge ahead. Evans left on a high.

TK feels the burden of responsibility when Roimata tasks him with keeping a close eye on Henare during their first mobile throat swabbing trip to a rural community.

TKs overwhelmed by the poverty he observes in the community and wishes there was more he could do to help.

Hes impressed when Henare provides the community with fresh fruit and vegetables, only to find its been paid for with funds from the rheumatic fever initiative to pay for the food.

Henare argues that the money should be used to help as many people as possible and, won over, TK agrees to turn a blind eye.

However, he is unaware that Henare is stockpiling the money for his own personal use.


Thursday 29th March (4954)

TK keeps Henare's secret, reassuring Roimata that he has pulled him into line and is chasing up all the receipts. Roimata trusts TK implicitly and accepts this.

TK demands transparency from now on, but Henare misleads him about how much money he has redistributed. He presents TK with the van he has bought for the project, with full documentation.

However Murray notices that the van seems to be older than the recent model Henare claims it is. Henare deflects Murrays curiosity, but TK is left unsettled.

Brooke feels its time to move on from flatting with TK and Roimata, and hopes to snap up Callum's freshly vacated hospital subsidised apartment.

She is frustrated when Rachel informs her that she is currently fourth in line for it behind Gabrielle, Luke, and Vasa.

Brooke dissuades the absent Gabrielle by email. Vasa, however, is very interested in the place for herself, Ula, and the expected baby.

Brooke schemes to make them believe that the apartment is leaky, causing toxic mould problems. Vasa loses interest, to Brooke's satisfaction.

Luke is frustrated that he and Bella live at two different addresses, and asks her to move in with him.

Bella admits that shes reluctant because she finds Lukes house creepy, especially if shes there by herself.

Luke offers to redecorate in bright, cheerful colours, but Bella doesnt have the heart to make him change and resolves to move in just as it is.

However, when Jasmine helps Bella move some of her stuff in, they get trapped in Luke's dark spooky basement and panic.

Luke comes to their rescue, replacing the light-bulb and demonstrating that nothing spooky lurks in his basement except his cat Kronos.

Bella calms her rattled nerves, but later changes her plans and unexpectedly visits his basement when hes not expecting her.

Bella is shocked when she discovers Luke and a group of strangers performing some kind of bizarre pagan ritual.

Friday 30th March (4955)

Rachel fears Bree's a dead weight, so Chris gives Bree her last chance to prove herself as a surgeon. Bree becomes an anxious wreck and fakes a headache to dodge the surgery.

Vinnie sees through the ruse and convinces her to step up. Mid surgery, Brees nerves get the better of her - but when she makes a mistake, Chris refuses to take over.

Bree gets the surgery under control and Chris insists she complete it without his assistance.

A nervous Bree does so and Chris informs Rachel of Bree's tenuous success. Rachel's satisfied and Vinnie, who has overheard, is delighted for Bree.

He passes on Chriss praise to an anxious Bree, and they celebrate her keeping her job.

When Bree learns her patient has developed a post-op infection, she attributes the common complication to her lack of skill.

Vinnie is confused by her backslide into self-doubt until an upset Bree finally admits her secret - she's not a real surgeon.

Bella wont listen to Luke's reason and refuses to move in with him. Meanwhile, Brooke is counting her chickens, informing TK and Roimata shes moving out and into a hospital apartment.

Brooke thinks she's on track when Vasa turns down the apartment, but is shocked when Rachel offers it to Luke and Bella.

Desperate to secure the apartment for herself, Brooke poisons Bella against a live-in relationship with Luke by highlighting both Lukes personal sacrifices for Bella and the unsuitability of their relationship as a whole.

She slowly wears Bella down and when Bella sees truth in Brooke's observation that Luke and Murray are disturbingly similar, Bella freaks and breaks up with Luke.

A triumphant Brooke readies to move into the apartment.

Unable to cope being homeless and Bella-less, Luke despairs but Rachel offers a solution. Brooke is horrified when she learns she's to share her apartment with an inconsolable Luke.

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