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March 21 - 25 2011

A scheming Rachel McKenna - Shortland Street TV2

Luke Durville and Isaac Worthington - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 21st March  (ep 4696)

Having restrained Isaac to a taxidermy table in his basement, Luke feigns madness in hope of scaring Isaac into confessing his crimes on video tape. 

But Isaac realises it's a setup and mocks Luke.  Though rocked, Luke counters by injecting Luke with truth serum. 

Confident he can resist the serum, Isaac continues to mock Luke, demanding to be let go. 

But just when Luke thinks he's lost his chance to uncover the truth, he realises the serum is working, and appeals to Isaac's ego to get him talking. 

Isaac falls for the trap, dropping a hint about a crucial piece of evidence that Luke can use to clear his name and indict Isaac. 

Isaac leaves to report Luke to the police. Luke realises he may be able to repair the damaged Wilson file. 

He goes to Daniel to help him, but Daniel informs him it's an impossible IT feat. 

Daniel does, however, explain the offsite data back-up system to Luke, and Luke learns he may be able to retrieve the original copy of the damaged file. 

By the time Luke arrives at the hospital with the printed file, the police are hunting for him. 

He evades them, hoping to get the file to Garth Worthington. 

But when he's trapped by Isaac and the police, Luke is forced to leave the file in a laundry cart, hoping it will find its way to Garth.

Bella takes over Brodie's loan payments, and comes up with an idea that will help her make ends meet - selling makeup. 

Brodie's initially appalled Bella has splashed out on a direct-marketing starter pack - but decides they need to both give it their best shot.

Roimata's worried by how much Sarah's pregnancy is worrying TK. 

Sarah insists to Tracey she's resigned to not being a part of TK's life. 

Brooke learns Sarah's pregnant with TK's baby, and warns Roimata to watch her back - Sarah is a manipulative woman and has broken up all of TK's relationships in the past. 

Sarah fails in her attempt to find work immediately, but keeps the truth about her dire financial situation secret from Tracey. 

Vasa's shocked by Sarah's baby bump, and rushes to Maxwell to ensure he's not the father. 

Roimata overhears, and is daunted to learn that Vasa is another woman wronged by Sarah Potts. 

Sarah finally admits to Tracey she's penniless. 

Tracey tells TK and Maxwell, aware a job at ED would solve Sarah's financial problems. 

Meanwhile, Sarah reassures Roimata that she intends to stay out of her and TK's way. 

Roimata believes her, but later feels tricked when she finds out Maxwell and TK have just offered her a job.


Tuesday 22nd March (ep 4697)

TK apologises to Roimata for not getting a chance to warn her about Sarah's new job, and reassures her that he doesn't reciprocate Sarah's feelings. 

Even so, it's difficult for Roimata to watch the close working rapport that TK and Sarah have built up over their years together. 

Sarah makes an attempt to clear the air, but tension lingers. 

It results in an oversight of Sarah's which is not picked up by Roimata's checks, and an elderly patient is nearly given the wrong medication. 

Sarah nobly takes full responsibility as the doctor, but Roimata still feels blamed and is left convinced that Sarah is being manipulative.

Vasa has a plum nursing job for someone, but would rather not give it to Nicole, especially when she has to endure Nicole making plans for a night out with Maxwell. 

However, Nicole is the nurse best qualified for the job, and cunningly Vasa changes other nurses' shifts around before offering it to Nicole. 

Nicole jumps at the chance, accepting the role before realising that it will mean two weeks of night shifts - working hours that are opposite Maxwell's.

Isaac and Brooke celebrate Luke's arrest, and Garth's imminent loosening of the trust fund purse strings. 

Meanwhile, Luke's incriminating dossier is in an envelope addressed to Garth Worthington, circulating the hospital on an orderly trolley. 

Wendy discovers it and gives it to Bella to deliver, but Bella gives it to Isaac. 

However, Isaac is oblivious to the envelope's significance and gives it to Garth, who is due to be discharged. 

Instead, Garth has a fall and when Isaac checks the contents of the now opened envelope, he can guess why. 

It is discovered Garth has a head injury and there is no telling whether Garth will regain his faculties post surgery. 

Isaac admits to Brooke that he wishes Garth simply wouldn't wake up. 

Brooke is shocked by this and tries to reassure Isaac that Garth may not have read the damning evidence. 

However, when Isaac checks his messages there is an angry one from Garth demanding to see him - just before he fell. 

Left alone with his unconscious uncle, Isaac decides he will be ruined when Garth wakes up and resolves to prevent it happening. 

He draws the curtain and starts to smother Garth with a pillow.

Wednesday 23rd March (ep 4698)

Isaac's conscience gets the better of him and he can't go through with Garth's murder. 

But he has a close call when Cecile arrives.  Cecile interprets Isaac's agitation as upset over Garth's condition and she feels for him. 

Isaac fears that Garth could wake and tell Cecile about Luke's file and is relieved when he manages to convince Cecile to stay the night at Chris's place.

Brooke is put out when Isaac keeps her away from Cecile but Isaac is determined to stay in his mother's good books. 

Isaac offers to handle Garth's affairs and impresses Cecile with his mature and responsible attitude. 

Isaac is stunned when Cecile decides to give him access to his trust fund and he tells Brooke that as soon as he has his money he wants to leave the country with her.

Maxwell and Nicole are disappointed that their work schedules will limit their time together. 

Nicole can't help wondering if Vasa scheduled her on night shifts on purpose but Maxwell doubts this. 

Vasa is irritated by Maxwell and Nicole's closeness and makes trouble for Maxwell by stirring up TK's frustration with Maxwell's lack of action over the ED's reduction in hours. 

TK challenges Maxwell who explains the deal he made with Callum - ED will return to twenty-four hour service within six months. 

TK is unimpressed and reveals that Vasa fuelled his dissatisfaction, leading Maxwell to confront Vasa who denies any wrongdoing. 

However, Maxwell is convinced that she deliberately made trouble with TK and scheduled Nicole on night shifts to sabotage his relationship.

Jill arranges a healthy picnic and exercise session for herself and Hunter in the park. 

Roimata teases Jill about the effort she's going to for Hunter and challenges her to admit the extent of her feelings for him. 

Jill is unimpressed when Hunter is overly judgemental about a diabetic patient, Rocky, who committed a criminal offence. 

Jill confides this to Sophie who reveals that Hunter's attitude is informed by his relationship with Penny. 

Jill asks Hunter about this and Hunter admits that Penny's betrayal has left him cynical.

Jill feels she has gained a greater insight into Hunter but is unsettled by his lack of empathy for Penny. 

During their exercise session, Jill and Hunter discover an ill Rocky hiding and try to persuade him to go to the hospital. 

Rocky refuses and when Jill persists, grabs her, holding his insulin needle to her throat.


Thursday 24th March (ep 4699)

Hunter is hugely relieved when Jill relates to Rocky and talks him down, getting him to hand over the needle.

Jill is praised by the hospital staff when she arrives with Rocky, but covers a secret when Hunter questions her keen negotiation skills. 

Jill is alarmed when Hunter presses for answers over her discussion with Rocky, and states that her brother did time in jail. 

Callum feels like an idiot when he makes an obvious play for closeness with Rachel and is bluntly rejected.  

Wendy ropes him into the quiz night. 

However, Wendy is alarmed when Murray unwittingly pushes Rachel and Callum together by also inviting Rachel to the quiz night. 

Rachel and Callum are alarmed to find themselves on the same team, but try to remain civil.  

Rachel is highly uncomfortable when she clocks the obvious emotion Callum still has for her. 

Rachel accuses Callum of rigging the entire night and leaves in a huff. 

Wendy is apologetic, but Callum is surprisingly relieved to assert he's ready to move on from Rachel.

Sophie is pleased with herself when Daniel praises her latest blog, and she waits for the acclaim to roll in. 

However, Sophie's confidence is rocked when Callum criticises her blog, accusing her of having a narrow world view. 

Daniel is determined to make Sophie happy when she beats herself up over the blog, and promises her a good night out. 

Sophie tries to perk up, but feels like an idiot when Daniel's knowledge of the world drastically outshines her own. 

Daniel plans to help Sophie's mood with a surprise, and is thrilled when he gets permission from the flatmates for Sophie to move in with him. 

Sophie enjoys the quiz night atmosphere, but is disappointed when she lets her team down on the first question. 

Sophie is gloomy when Daniel and Jill call her out on her lack of knowledge, correcting an obviously wrong answer she proffers. 

Sophie tries to be reassured when Jill puts her own knowledge down to years of slumming it overseas and praises Sophie's charmed life in Ferndale. 

Daniel offers Sophie a spot at the flat, but is stunned when Sophie reveals she's decided to travel and breaks up with him.

Friday 25th March (ep 4700)

Daniel is taken aback by Sophie's sudden decision to embark on her OE but he soon rallies and decides to accompany her. 

Sophie is unsure about travelling with Daniel but puts her doubts aside when Callum points out the benefits of an experienced traveller's company. 

Daniel and Sophie break the news to Sarah, who is concerned she'll be missing out on Daniel's support with the new baby. 

Sophie is frustrated when Sarah and Daniel renegotiate the time-frame of her OE, bargaining it down to a mere few months. 

Jill picks up on Sophie's reticence and encourages her to be honest with Daniel about her desire to travel alone. 

Sophie steels herself for the inevitably difficult discussion which results in an end to her and Daniel's relationship.

Having no luck making beauty appointments, Brodie decides to try and sell the 'Chelsea Bling' products directly. 

Daniel ridicules Brodie's efforts but Brodie perseveres, only to be frustrated when he fails to make a single sale. 

Realising he needs to learn more about his product, Brodie enlists Hunter as a test dummy. 

Hunter endures this indignity before making Brodie also try wearing the makeup. Murray pays a visit, catching Hunter and Brodie wearing makeup. 

He teases them mercilessly, giving Brodie the idea of marking his product to the local drag queen bar. 

Brodie makes a big sale.  Big enough to be able to keep up with his loan repayments until he's well enough to return to work. 

But his dream comes crashing down when he is busted by his ACC caseworker.

Rachel bargains with Harry for peace in their household. 

The truce doesn't last long as Harry uses Cecile to manipulate his way around Rachel's GameCentre ban. 

Rachel sticks to her guns and a thwarted Harry continues to work on Cecile, spinning a sorry tale of Rachel's parental cruelty. 

Concerned, Cecile takes the matter up with Rachel who is frustrated by Harry's attempts to discredit her. 

She assures Cecile she is a firm but fair parent.  Harry openly disregards Rachel's reprimands and she struggles to maintain parental control. 

When Harry overhears Phoenix defending Rachel's parenting to Cecile, he begins to plot revenge. 

But Harry's dangerous prank almost injures Phoenix instead of Rachel. 

Furious, Rachel tries to admonish Harry but he mocks her discipline, casually breaking a present to Rachel from Chris in the process. 

Rachel acts without thinking, giving Harry a smack in retaliation. 

Shocked, Harry accuses Rachel of an illegal act.

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