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March 19 - 23 2012

Phoenix with tutor Hayley and dad Chris - Shortland Street on TV2

Shavaughn Ruakere as Roimata Ngatai in Shortland Street

Wendy Cooper - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 19th March (4946)

Bree becomes increasingly nervous as she prepares for her challenging surgery with Gabrielle.

She decides to pull out but is prevented from doing so when Chris praises her for tackling the difficult operation.

Bree fears she wont be able to cope but is given a lifeline when she learns that its possible to manage Gabrielle.

During the surgery, Bree puts this into action by manipulating Gabrielle into carrying out her part of the operation. Luke observes this and takes his concerns to Chris who confronts Bree.

Bree blames Gabrielle for taking over but is left worried her story will be rumbled when Chris decides to follow up with Gabrielle.

Nicole is determined to prove that shes a capable Charge Nurse but this leads her to micro-manage her staff.

Vinnie fears shes running herself into the ground and he confides in Maxwell who is unable to get Nicole to slow down.

Determined to force Nicole to relax, Maxwell arranges a romantic spa day for the two of them, leaving Nicole touched by his thoughtfulness.

Sarah is concerned by Daniels outburst at Lana and his increasingly erratic behaviour. Shes determined to get to the bottom of his problem and carries out her own research.

She suspects he is suffering from confabulation (when gaps in memory are filled with fabrications that one believes to be facts).

Daniels doctors confirm her diagnosis but Daniel refuses to believe that there is anything wrong with him and continues working on his software project.

Sarah urges Daniel to keep a reality diary and he does in order to prove to her that hes fine. Later, Zac is thrown when Daniel announces that he has a meeting at the hospital.

Zac suspects that Daniel is confabulating and contacts Sarah. They discover Daniel in Chriss office, convinced that he has a meeting to discuss his software project which he believes he has finished.

However, Daniel is confused when he discovers that he doesnt have the finished software and that the meeting was never arranged.

Daniel is devastated by the awful realisation that there is something very wrong with him.

Tuesday 20th March (4947)

Daniel is shocked to learn how severe his injury is, leading to an uncomfortable conversation with Lana about the extent of their relationship.

He's upset that he can't remember what's going on but Lana tries to be positive.

She confides in Gabrielle about her relationship difficulties, admitting it will be hard but she is committed to standing by Daniel.

Lana is upset when, feeling like a burden, Daniel breaks up with her.

When Gabrielle thinks shes had a lucky escape, intimating that Lana's time looking after their mother was wasted, Lana takes umbrage, declaring that helping her mother through her depression
was extremely important.

Realising she can't abandon Daniel, Lana pledges that shell stand by him as a friend.

Chris clarifies with Gabrielle about Bree's input in the surgery. Although Gabrielle accepts responsibility, they agree that Bree needs to step up.

Promising to be a better mentor, Gabrielle offers Bree a lead role in a harder surgery and Bree realises the pressure is still on her to perform.

Lacking in confidence, Bree manages to convince Gabrielle to attend a conference, forcing the surgery to be cancelled thus avoiding the operation.

Deeply relieved, Bree feigns disappointment to Vinnie. Her problems over for the meantime, so Bree focuses on Vinnie's career.

Keen for Vinnie to succeed, she sells Nicole down the river in order to get Vinnie into the Charge Nurse position.

Nicole is struggling to cope with the stresses of Charge Nurse and things are not made easier when she pulls a muscle in her back. She confides to Maxwell that she's not coping.

The next day, an out of depth Nicole continues to flail, causing Maxwell to confide to Chris that Nicole is finding the position beyond her.

Later, a distracted Nicole accidently switches some blood samples which leads to an expensive machine getting broken.

When Bree informs Chris of the damaged machine and suggests that Nicole has admitted shes not up to the job, Chris has no option but to replace a devastated Nicole with Vinnie.

Feeling guilty, Maxwell admits that he might be responsible, revelling his conversation with Chris, leaving Nicole feeling betrayed.

Wednesday 21st March (4948)

Feeling guilty about her part in Nicole's demotion, Bree convinces Nicole not to cancel tomorrows spa day with Maxwell.

But believing Maxwell's the reason shes been stood down, Nicole is terse with Maxwell at the spa day.  But feeling hes been punished enough, Maxwell challenges Nicole to accept it and move on.

Nicole surprises Maxwell by doing so, admitting a lot of her anger is directed inwards - she wishes she hadn't failed herself. Maxwell bolsters and Nicole is glad of his support.

Ulas frustrated Evan believes her romantic advances are still due to gratefulness and she wonders how to prove her feelings are genuine. Jasmine suggests Ula do something thoughtful, leading Ula to take Evan to an album signing for one of his favourite bands.

Evan is miffed with the extra attention, and embarrassed when Bella organises a romantic set-up.  He still doesn't believe Ula really likes him until Ula despairs and tells him straight.

A delighted Evan finally believes, and kisses her.

Assigned as Zac's nursing preceptor, Wendy is annoyed when Bella teases her about his attractiveness, leading her to make an embarrassing comment which Zac finds discomfiting.

Redoubling her efforts to be professional, Wendy is supportive when Zac reveals he has minor dyscalculia, a condition similar to dyslexia which gives him trouble with numbers.

Ignoring Bella's continued teasing, which Murray has now joined in on, Wendy insists Vinnie keep her on as Zac's preceptor, privately hoping she can help keep his dyscalculia secret.

Zac's happy to continue with Wendy but he's troubled when Gabrielle reveals Wendys crush.

In the ward, Wendy's surprised by a flirtatious Murray dressed in scrubs. Murray jokes Wendy likes male nurses and, unimpressed, Wendy orders him out.

She's annoyed to see Murray a few minutes later and follows him around the corner. Believing Murray's hiding in an empty ward, Wendy enters and smacks the man she believes to be Murray on the bottom, warning him hes a naughty nurse.

Zac turns around, incensed, and Wendy's horrified to realise shes smacked the wrong man.

Thursday 22nd March (4949)

Wendy is mortified when Zac makes a formal complaint against her.

Wendy insists its a misunderstanding but Vinnie thinks Wendys request that she stay on as Zacs preceptor could be seen as an indication she is attracted to Zac.

An embarrassed Wendy explains that Zac confided that he has discalculia and she was only looking out for him.

Murray vouches for Wendys innocence to Zac and Wendy is relieved when Zac withdraws his sexual harassment complaint.

But when Vinnie insists Zac repeat his training days because of his discalculia, Wendy feels terrible for betraying Zacs confidence.

Callum arrives home from his break. Lonely and confronted by an empty house, Callum looks for a new job away from Shortland Street.

With GP services needing serious guidance, DHB member, Seth Packhurst asks Callum to accept Rachels earlier job offer and knock the department back into shape.

When Callum is reluctant to work for Chris and Rachel, Seth offers the job as an independent DHB contract. Callum later admits to a sympathetic Roimata that its time he moved on from Ferndale.

Roimata is shocked to find out that TK is head of Henares strep throat testing scheme.

TK feels bad and worried hell have no time to spend with Roimata now, he determines to get her involved in the scheme.

Privately, Henare prefers to keep Roimata at a distance and tries to dissuade TK from rocking the boat, but TK forges ahead, confident hell persuade Roimata to work with them.

Sarah struggles to balance the needs of Daniel and Tillie with her work and finding time for her relationship with Zac. At work, the GP services manager leaves sooner than expected and

Sarah is concerned when the department fails its health and safety audit.

Chris explains that Rachel and Seth Packhurst have been unable to find a suitable leader for the department and the future of the GP service is on the line.

Sarah puts her hand up to head the department, feeling this could be a positive career step. Zac is furious Sarah is putting undue stress on herself by taking on the extra work.

Frustrated Zac cant be happy for her, Sarah vents to Callum about the pressure shes under.

Callums heart goes out to Sarah and wanting to help her, he changes his decision to leave Ferndale and rings Seth to accept the contract as head of GP services, unaware hes undercutting Sarah.

Friday 23rd March (4950)

Sarah's surprised when Seth reveals hes hired Callum to get the GP clinic back on track. Feeling undercut, Sarahs aggrieved, but has to admit it might be good for her personal life.

Roimata's surprised to see Callum back at the hospital, and is touched when he justifies he's stayed to help out a friend in need.

Sarah and Callum get to work, and his experience quickly shines through and Sarah's impressed.

However, Sarah feels guilty when she learns from Roimata that Callum chose to stay to help her.

Sarah assures Callum that he doesnt have to do that but Callum reveals that by helping her hes also helped himself and has rediscovered his direction in life.

When TK tries to persuade Roimata to join the project, Henare pushes buttons he knows will back her off.

Frustrated, TK chides Henare for scaring Roimata off, but Henare calmly assures him theyll manage without her.

Roimata feels bad for not supporting TK when Callum is inspired by TK's good work in the rheumatic fever programme.

She admits that her concerns about Henare are keeping her from helping and TK ends up revealing Henare's deception.

Furious, Roimata confronts Henare and commits to the programme, determined to keep an eye on her wayward father.

Phoenix is surprised when Hayley turns up at his house, but she charms him into dropping his defences. Chris returns home, and hes thrown by the unexpected guest.

Hayley claims she wants to talk to him about setting up a charity for Womens Refuge, but Chris palms her off onto a friend working in charities.

Phoenix is disappointed when Chris' lack of support makes Hayley decide to keep her distance.

But he's concerned when a frightened Hayley turns up at the hospital after an encounter with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Drew.

Chris refuses to get personally involved, further incensing Phoenix who invites Hayley back to his place behind Chris' back.

Hayley realises that Phoenix is the key to getting to Chris and she flirts with him, leaving an attracted Phoenix in the palm of her hand.

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