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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

March 15 - 19 2010

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Monday 15th March (ep 4441)

A shaken Hunter makes his way to the ED and lets TK and Tracey know that the ambulance has been robbed. 

Tracey scathingly tells Hunter that she warned him not to hand out needles.  She doesn't realise that Hunter has just been stuck with an addict's needle.

Callum charges into ED, determined to help.  Hunter will be put on anti-viral medication.

Hunter claims not to be worried and surprises Callum by continuing on as though nothing has happened. 

Tracey continues to feel conflicted about whether to continue pursuing a relationship with Hunter. 

Scotty warns her to be careful - pity and worry are not good reasons to get back together. 

Later, Hunter attends a call-out with Ben and is shocked to come face to face with Astrid, the addict responsible.

Hunter has to restrain himself from taking out his frustration on Astrid.

Sarah and Daniel move into Maxwell's apartment.

Sarah assures Daniel she'll be staying in her own room, but after Daniel has gone to bed Maxwell turns on the charm.

The next morning Daniel wrongly suspects Sarah slept with Maxwell but Sarah defends. 

After a sobering chat with Loren, Daniel proves his maturity by telling Sarah to go for it with Maxwell - it's none of his business.

Isaac is disappointed when Tracey makes it clear she isn't interested, and he shifts his focus on to Frankie, an attractive bureau nurse.

Chris teases Isaac about his roving eye only to have Isaac remind him of his own playboy reputation. 

The next day, Tania meets Isaac and can't help being impressed by his professionalism. 

She acts as scrub nurse for Isaac and Chris's surgical team and is surprised when Chris can't continue the operation due to illness. 

Tania is shocked when Isaac insists on proceeding in Chris's absence despite Chris's strict instructions to wait for his replacement.  


Tuesday 16th March (ep 4442)

Hunter grits his teeth and treats the junkie Astrid, and when he continues to be patient with her despite a tirade of abuse, Tracey feels for him. 

When it's discovered that Astrid is pregnant, Tracey resolves to call the social worker.

Astrid convinces Tracey that she wants to turn her life around for the sake of the baby. 

Tracey delays calling the social worker.  Astrid, desperate for a fix, steals a leftover syringe and injects herself with its contents. 

It turns out to be a cardiac drug and Astrid has to be rushed off to the cardiac unit. 

Tracey admits she was wrong about Astrid and Hunter hopes that he and Tracey may have drawn closer.

When Hunter suggests a weekend away when he gets the all clear from his HIV treatment, Tracey dashes his hopes, insisting that she just wants to be friends.

Isaac completes the surgery successfully and Tania is impressed with this new hot shot surgeon. 

Callum voices his disapproval to Isaac.  Isaac is sure that Chris will support his decision to finish the operation. 

But Chris isn't happy and condemns him to mundane surgeries until he has learned some humility. 

Isaac vents his frustrations to Tania, and in explaining his passion to achieve the best he can in surgery, wins Tania over. 

Daniel decides that auditioning for The Importance of Being Earnest will get him closer to Loren. 

Daniel manages to coax a reluctant Loren into coming to the audition with him. 

Daniel and Loren land the parts of Algernon and Cecily but the play is still short of players. 

A determined Yvonne ropes Gerald into auditioning. 

Daniel and Loren have fun running his lines, and Daniel quietly hopes he can seduce Loren into bed with his acting. 

Yvonne is chuffed when Gerald turns out to be a natural performer.  

Reuben gives the part of Algernon to Gerald instead and Daniel is gutted that he has lost his chance to impress Loren on the stage.


Wednesday 17th March (ep 4443)

At the play's read-through Daniel is frustrated by Gerald's obvious talent and his own lack of lines. 

Stage Manager Yvonne is daunted when Reuben inundates her with tasks. 

Sarah urges Daniel to shine in the part he has.  Tania finds Yvonne struggling to gather all the necessary props for rehearsals.

Rehearsals begin but soon dissolve into bickering when Reuben tries to direct Jewel. 

He turns his attention to Gerald, but only succeeds in making Gerald's performance worse then has a massive tantrum. 

Afterwards, Yvonne, Ben, Gerald, Daniel and Loren gather and decide something needs to be done about the tyrant Reuben.

Tracey is down after dumping Hunter and wants Scotty to cheer her up.

Maia has childcare issues and is forced to bring JJ to work.  

To her surprise Scotty offers to baby sit JJ for her.  Maia comes to collect JJ but Scotty is enjoying playing with him.

Scotty admits to Tracey his fear that he is stuck in a rut.

Isaac charms his way into an invitation back to Tania's place.

He and Tania hit it off until Maia tells Tania that Isaac already tried it on with both Tracey and Libby.  

Tania put the brakes on.  The next day, Isaac tries again and Tania tells him she knows he tried to woo her sister. 

Chris is amused by Isaac's poor strike rate with the local women.  Isaac asks Tania out for a drink. 

He ups the offer to dinner at an expensive restaurant.  The booking falls through and Tania and Isaac end up at The IV where Frankie latches on to Isaac.

Tania overhears Frankie boasting to a friend about her date with Isaac. 

Fearing a conquest will be lost, Tania kisses him and invites him back to her place.


Thursday 18th March (ep 4444)

Maia worries that Tania is setting herself up for heartbreak when she learns that Tania spent the night with Isaac. 

Isaac reports to Chris about his night out, but Chris is dubious that he really has won Tania over. 

Maia frets to Yvonne and hopes Yvonne is right when she endorses Tania's new relationship on the basis that's it's improving her mood. 

Maia checks with Chris to see whether Isaac's intentions are good, but is disappointed to realise that Tania may just be another notch on Isaac's belt. 

Tania is determined to enjoy herself in spite of Maia's warnings.

Yvonne is proud when Ben impresses the players, stepping in to cover for an absent Daniel. 

Daniel arrives late and scrambles to make up for his absence, but accidentally topples Reuben off stage. 

Daniel and Ben bring Reuben to E.D, and realise that Reuben's injury may be a blessing in disguise. 

The players are hopeful that with Reuben out of action they can salvage the play. 

Daniel is thrilled when he convinces Maxwell to warn Reuben off putting weight on his foot, and Reuben unhappily gives up acting. 

Ben is promoted to the lead role, on Jewel's insistence.

Scotty feels for TK when he's forced to observe Maxwell and Sarah's relationship during a shift in ED. 

TK convinces himself that he's fine when Scotty picks up on his loneliness.  TK accepts Scotty's offer of a drink at the I.V. 

TK is concerned when Scotty begins to drink in excess at the bar. Frankie joins them, obviously looking for action.  Scotty enjoys Frankie's attention. 

TK is determined to stop Scotty from making a big mistake when he attempts to head home with Frankie. 

Tracey manages to eject Frankie from the house, and is stunned when Scotty kisses her in a moment of weakness.


Friday 19th March (ep 4445) 

Appalled by Scotty's drunken advances, Tracey backs him off.  An embarrassed Scotty flees to his room. 

Tracey feels terrible on Scotty's behalf.  The next day, Scotty avoids Tracey as much as possible.

Tracey feels frustrated that they can't get their friendship back to normal.  

Tracey learns from a frustrated Maia that Scotty is going on holiday at the last minute.  Tracey hurries to intercept Scotty. 

Tracey is left with the sense that there is unfinished business between them.

Callum is worried when Hunter succumbs to nausea as a result of his medication. 

The next day, Hunter tries to hide his illness but Callum catches him out and instructs him to stay home. 

When Tracey hears of the harsh side-effects of Hunter's HIV treatment, her heart goes out to him. 

She visits Hunter, but Hunter finds it too hard to be around Tracey and sends her packing. 

Ben is excited about being given a major role in the play The Importance of Being Earnest, but he is daunted when he realises how many lines he will have to memorise. 

Yvonne bolsters him and helps him practise. But Yvonne has dire concerns about Ben's acting ability.

Maxwell continues to make a decided effort to improve relations with Sarah and Daniel.  Daniel is happy to agree to have a look at Maxwell's faulty laptop. 

Tension continues between Maxwell and TK, and Maxwell is frustrated that he can't get things running smoothly in ED. 

Under pressure, a stressed Maxwell kicks himself for making a mistake which TK is quick to pick up on. 

Meanwhile, Daniel stumbles across Maxwell's old online gambling haunts whilst fixing Maxwell's computer. 

When he gets home, Maxwell gets drawn into gambling with Daniel.  Sarah is dismayed when she catches Maxwell in the middle of a gambling session.