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March 12 - 16 2012

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Monday 12th March (4941) 

Shocked Hayley has been punched by her boyfriend Drew, Chris is concerned when she instead claims she had an accident.

Chris presses Hayley to admit the truth and insists she speak to the police. Hes frustrated when Hayley downplays the incident, but she insists telling the full truth will only anger Drew.

Fearing for Hayley's safety, Chris convinces her to stay with him, hopeful there will be no further trouble from Drew.

Upset by Lanas harsh truths, Bella fears shes not smart enough for Luke. Wanting to fix things, Lana tries to show Bella shes smart but fails abysmally.

Changing tack, Lana bolsters Bella by claiming she needs help with make-up. Concerned by the deception, Luke tells Bella the truth, explaining Lana is lying to make her feel better.

Irked by Lanas dishonesty, Bella completes an eighties makeover. Luke and Bellas hilarity makes Lana realise shes been had - and proves Bella has smarts after all.

Bree is frustrated when Vinnie has missed out on the opportunity to be acting charge nurse. Nicole is grateful when Vinnie offers her his support.

Vinnie continues to help Nicole and Bree is annoyed, convinced Nicole is shirking her duties. When Nicole can't find cover for a scrub nurse, Vinnie insists she scrub in herself - he will run the ship on her behalf.

Unaware of this arrangement, Bree attempts to sabotage Nicole by binning her handover notes, not realising Vinnies written an important number on the top page.

Vinnie is stressed when he can't find the number, desperate to organise parental consent for a child's surgery.

Nicole comes under fire for the mistake but Vinnie accepts full responsibility, convinced this proves he's not capable of being Nursing Manager.

He points out Vasa was right not to put him in charge and Bree feels awful her sabotage has backfired so badly.

If you or someone you know has been affected by domestic violence, you can contact the Woman's Refuge on 0800 REFUGE or visit the website here


Tuesday 13th March (4942)

Bree is dismayed when Vinnie beats himself up for his mistake, asserting that Vasa made the right choice in Nicole.

Bree chickens out of confessing to him, and when Luke advises that too much truth-telling can harm a relationship, she decides to keep quiet.

However, she realises that both she and Vinnie need to boost their confidence. To set a good example to Vinnie, Bree confronts her fear of inadequacy and agrees to assist Gabrielle in advanced surgery.

Henare keeps making more demands on TK's time, with a lot of paperwork to be done for their funding application.

TK assures Maxwell that when on duty in the ED, it has his one hundred percent focus.

However, when Henare needs TK's signature on documents during his break, TK loses track of the time and is late back to the ED.

Maxwell is annoyed and TK has to make up the time, resulting in letting Sarah down over Tillie's care. TK puts his foot down with his father-in-law, setting clearer boundaries about the demands on his time.

Left alone with Phoenix and Harry, Hayley is confronted by an angry Drew. The boys manage to get rid of him and call the police.

Chris is furious and pushes Hayley to get her a protection order. However, the next day Drew changes his tack with Hayley, and makes an emotional appeal for a second chance with her.

She is swayed and Chris is appalled to see her walking off willingly with Drew, making the protection order null and void.

When she is subsequently incommunicado and doesn't turn up to tutor Phoenix, Chris anxiety grows.

He is in the car with Phoenix when they receive a call from Hayleys number which is then abruptly cut off. Worried, Chris and Phoenix drive to Drew's address and demand to see Hayley.

Drew wont allow it and orders them off his property. As Chris takes out his phone to call the police, Drew attacks him and gives Chris a beating.

Desperate to save his father, a frightened Phoenix bashes Drew with a heavy blunt object and fears he may have killed him.

Wednesday 14th March (4943

Chris rushes Drew into the ED and a panicking Phoenix is relieved when Nicole assures him that Drew will live.

The police arrive and Chris is stunned when an angry Drew presses assault charges against Phoenix.

When Chris finds out that Hayley has supported Drews charges against Phoenix, Chris fears Drews charges may stick. Nicole questions the reliability of Drews claims against Chris.

Nicole takes Hayley aside and delicately discusses the hold Drew has over her and the fear Phoenix must have felt to lash out at Drew.

Hayley breaks down, admitting shes only supporting Drew out of fear. Chris is relieved when Hayley decides to retract her statement in support of Drew.

Hayley apologises to Chris. Chris and the boys are glad to have her dramas out of their lives.

Henare needs TK to do a publicity photo shoot to support his new strep throat testing scheme.

However, TK is unable to leave his shift in the ED and suggests that Henare put his own face to the scheme.

Henare insists the ministry want to see a fresh face and suggests they just take some photos of TK while hes working in the ED.

Unimpressed with Henare monopolising TKs time, Maxwell torpedoes the idea. Needing the photos urgently, Henare decides to go over Maxwells head and gets Chriss consent instead.

The photo shoot goes ahead but TK lets Henare know hes uncomfortable with the way Henare handled the situation.

Later, Henare helps diagnose an allergy that Tillie is suffering from and TK is reminded of his expertise.

When Henare insists TK talk to some senior DHB members about the scheme, TK is confused why Henare isnt handling it himself. Henare is forced to admit that as far as the DHB know, TK is the head of the project.

A tense Henare urges TK to go along with the pretence to save the project, meaning he has to lie. TK reels - will he uphold Henares deception?


Thursday 15th March (4944)

TK is forced to lie to save the rheumatic fever  programme.

Hes furious with Henare who explains that questions about the diversion of funds from his last initiative barred him from applying for further funding and led him to put TK forward as the sole face of the programme.

TK agrees to continue with the programme as long as Henare promises to keep him apprised of all developments.

Henare works hard to convince TK that he is trustworthy but TK is concerned when Henare begs him not to tell Roimata what he did.

Henare fears that Roimata has a low opinion of him and hes desperate to resurrect himself in her eyes. Won over, TK agrees to keep Henares deception a secret.

Evan finds his new job in the hospital laundry exhausting but conceals this from Ula.

He hopes to be allowed to leave work early to go on an outing with Ula, Phoenix and Jasmine but his boss, Trina, refuses his request.

Ula believes Evans reassurances about his job but is given a reality check by Nicole who highlights the difficult nature of working in the laundry.

Ula is left feeling guilty at the sacrifice Evan has made to help her and the baby. Evan decides to put a deposit on a bassinet for the baby.

Evan is stunned when he discovers a large sum of money in the basket of laundry hes collected. Well aware that it could go a long way towards helping Ula and the baby, Evans tempted to keep it.

However, his conscience wins out and Evan returns the money, impressing Ula. However, Evan discovers that Maxwell is also intending to purchase the bassinet for Ula.

Evan feels his efforts are redundant and wonders if he made the wrong decision leaving school. However, he resolves to keep his promise to help Ula and commits to his job.

Ula is grateful for the effort hes making for and Evan's shocked when Ula kisses him.

Friday 16th March (4945)

Invigorated after Ula's kiss, Evan returns to work with a vengeance, surprising the sceptical Trina.

Impressed by more examples of Evan's improved work ethic, she decides to cut him a break and let him off early.

Meanwhile Ula is uncertain what the kiss meant to her, and is happy to escape the pressure of working that out as she heads for the beach.

Evan waits with her for her ride and Ula is taken with the fact everything he does is for her.

She cancels her beach plans and spends a night in with a tired Evan, but is unaware Phoenix has observed and commented to Evan on Ula's motives - she feels guilty and duty-bound.

Evan is rattled and confronts Ula, but her mixed feelings only serve to validate Phoenix's claims.

Sick of his emotions being toyed with, Evan shuts down any notion of a relationship with Ula , asserting he'll stand by her but thats it.

Ula is surprised at how disappointed she is - now the offers off the table, she's decided thats what she wants.

Glad to be home from rehab, Daniel is perturbed to learn about Sarah and Zac's relationship. Daniel still doesnt trust Zac, and Lana fears the situation may impede his recovery.

Frustrated to find he still can't concentrate on a computer screen, Daniel decides to write his software code longhand, with Lana inputting the data.

It seems to work and Daniel is delighted, feeling everything in his life is back on track. He enthuses to Sarah about completing his project, leaving her disbelieving and unsettled.

She shares her concerns with Zac and Gabrielle, and Daniel witnesses a close, yet innocent moment between Gabrielle and Zac.

Daniel reads more into it and tells TK that Zac was coming on to Gabrielle. TK wont take him seriously so a frustrated Daniel confronts Zac directly.

Sarah shuts Daniel's suspicions down, and when Lana reveals Daniel's programming is nonsensical, he accuses her of going against him just like everyone else.

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